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Awards Promotions

Hi Chairs!

I understand that many of you are not receiving many (or any) award nominations. We are here to help and give you the tools for another successful award season!

You are all experts in your fields and this is a great advantage in promoting these awards. Take a minute to consider where your audience is likely to go for this type of information, or where they'd be most likely to stumble upon it if they weren't looking. What would grab their attention? What would make them want to learn more?

A few things to keep in mind for when you are ready to distribute:

Keep it brief, keep it organized.
Put the most important and most pertinent details at the top of your message. (Notice on the blog how we've organized the individual award posts, paying special attention to the title and first paragraphs)

Include an action item.
What do you want people to do after they read your message? Sign up for an event? Submit a nomination or other materials? Forward the message? Tell them what you want them to do, and give them the tools to do it.
EXAMPLE:Register for the preconference now at www.conference.org/register-now.
Download the award nomination form at www.awards.org/form.pdf and submit your nomination by Dec. 15!

Always provide access to more information.
One way to keep your messages brief is to provide a link for more information--this link usually goes to a blog post or webpage. Make sure that these links work properly before distributing your message.

Go social...media, that is.
Post your promotion in your division and/or section’s Facebook group. Take it to your LinkedIn page, too!
Use a hashtag.
Hashtags are used in social media, e.g. Twitter and Facebook. You can search hashtags to find out who’s talking about your content. They can be a word or series of words that are preceded by the “#” sign. Examples: #atyourlibrary #libraryadvocacy #ilovemylibrarian

Your division office may have a predetermined hashtag for your event or membership activity, or you may create your own.

We encourage you all to "share," "like," and "re-tweet" our posts on Facebook and Twitter with your own accounts. There's a lot of action on our pages but we'd like to see more interaction.

If you'd like to have your award mentioned on the blog, please provide me with post content and I will get it up as soon as I can.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Good luck! :)

Leighann Wood

Leighann Wood-IL (staff)'s picture

Attached you will find more helpful marketing tips.

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