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Mary McInroy (non-member)'s picture

"Going Virtual Without Going Mad" webinar

Want to make it easier for your membership to get involved in national activities? 

Looking to understand ALA policies re. what can and cannot be done virtually? 

Having trouble with your current virtual set-up? 
Plan to attend this FREE, 1-hour webinar on Wednesday, November 28, 2012
for answers to these questions and more.
See attached document for details.

Who should attend:  ALA members/group leaders who want to switch to a more-virtual method of conducting committee and/or board business.

When: Wednesday, November 28, 2012
           Noon-PT,  1PM MT,  2PM CT, 3PM-ET

Going Virtual-announcement.docx17.17 KB
David Vess's picture

I have to miss today's session.  ;-(  I hope there will be a recording of it somewhere.  If so, can you post info about that here?  Thanks so much for doing this session.

Carolyn Caywood's picture

Those who registered will get a follow-up email with a link to the recording, handouts and a survey link.

Carolyn Caywood, MSLS, retired from Bayside & Special Services Library, 757-499-9131 cacaywood@cox.net  

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Megan Hodge's picture

I e-mailed Daniele Alderson to register for this per the attached instructions on 11/20 but never received a response. I hope the link to the archived version will be posted here so even folks like me will be able to view it?


Sandra Smith's picture

well, my bad I guess, but I missed the part where you had to pre-register to get the login info.  Just marked my calendar and now I'm ready and SOL.  Please add me to the list of recipients for the archive info - and I agree with Megan that it would be great for it to be posted somewhere if that's possible in Connect.  Or a link put on the RTCA site?  Many thanks for offering this!  Sandra, LEARNRT board member

Sandra Smith

Learning Manager

Denver Public Library

Mary McInroy (non-member)'s picture

Al the information will be posted to the RTCA Connect site.

Sorry you missed it, Sandra and all, it was an engaged group, lots of great comments and suggestions.

Sandra Smith's picture

Thanks Mary, I'll jump on it when available ;-)  So glad you had fun - I relegated myself to a much more boring task!  Sandra

Sandra Smith

Learning Manager

Denver Public Library

Susan Wortman's picture

I'm looking forward to a link to the session when it becomes available.