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Mary Ellen Davis's picture

ACRL 2012 Fall Exec. Comm. Minutes

Attached are the draft minutes from the 2012 Fall Executive Committee Meeting held in Chicago Oct. 26-27, 2012. Please review and let me or any of the members of the Executive Committee know if you have any questions.

Draft Minutes FE 2012 (11-12-12).docx75.18 KB
Steven Bell's picture

The meeting minutes look fine - nice job capturing all that discussion. I found  two typos to correct:

1) on pg. 8 - first paragraph last sentence "do not understand that THEY membership is low"


2) on pg. 9 - second indented bullet point "ACRL donation from VENDOR are down...(should be plural)


Didn't catch anything else.


I see a few TO DO items in there for Dec/Jan:

1) organize a conference call with the board prior to midwinter to provide an update on CoP programs.  Perhaps have that the second week of January when folks will be less busy?

2) for Friday morning at midwinter - board update - focus on fundraising (expectations, training, etc). Who will be leading that?

Pg. 11 is a good overview of who will be covering what at Leadership Council. Just to clarify - who is covering the update on Plan for Excellence and KPI changes and Annual Report process. On the current agenda I have "plan for excellence" but in the minutes that is assigned to Trevor. So is Trevor just going to cover the Core Org Values update or the Plan for Excellence as well? If so he'd need more than 5 minutes. Either way I'll still be doing the update on CoP. Let's clarify in our next call.

My to do includes preparing for the Branding presentation and working on the table activity related to it and the membership report. I'll be working on that in December, and hope to have something to share by mid-month.


Steven Bell Associate University Librarian Temple University bells@temple.edu http://stevenbell.info

Trevor Dawes's picture

I did note that i would give an update on KPIs, but that it would be short and merely a note that we werked wiht the Goal Area Committees to make changes in response to their feedback.  I don't think I need much more than 5 (maybe 7) minutes.



Trevor A. Dawes

Joyce Ogburn's picture

SInce I wasn't there for most of the meeting I will rely on your memories but I did note items I have to follow up on.

ACRL President 2011-12

Trevor Dawes's picture

I have no additional comments on the minutes. 


Trevor A. Dawes