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NMRT E-Board Meeting MINUTES

This is the final draft of the E-Board Meeting held on October 12, 2012, approved by the Board at the ALA Midwinter Meeting on January 26. 2013.

NMRT E-Board Minutes 10-12-12.doc36 KB
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Throughout the document:  My last name is spelled with a 'd.' Prather-Rodgers.  

Section 3. Association Options Fair.  Kirby's proposal is to "adjust the Orientation Committee duties to include delivering NMRT literature to the Membership Pavilion following the Orientation sessions."  It's a result of the change from Membership Pavilion to Association Options, but doesn't actually occur during that event.

Section 5. Informational updates.  remove extra space in "Grant,  as" (paragraph 3, line 2)


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So sorry abot that, Emily!  I have made the corrections and uploaded the new document.