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October 25, 2012 meeting notes

  1. Wistful discussion that all staff should use Outlook to schedule meeting rooms.
  2. Facebook metadata fields
    SMWG recommends that ALA implement Facebook's open graph metadata fields on ala.org pages so that we can better control the images and teaser text associated with our content when shared on social media sites, especially for press releases; if there is a module available to easily add this information, we recommend also doing this for microsites.

    Jenny: I found http://drupalmodules.com/module/open-graph-meta-tags, which I think does exactly what we want (Erik, can you confirm?).

  3. ReadWriteConnect wiki
    We discussed the current proposal from WWG to implement a new content type that only one person (or a few people) would have access to edit; our recommendation is to move forward with this idea, put the social media directory in the Press Center on ala.org, and ask that Jan be the point of contact for updates.

    We should also link to it from the "Get Involved" and "Member Resources" sections of ala.org at minimum.

    In addition, we recommend adding sections to the RWC pages for Pinterest and Tumblr; on a related note, within the ALA template we recommend removing the FriendFeed icon from the "share this page" block and adding Pinterest and Tumblr.

  4. Brown bag lunches
    Dan and Wendy volunteered to do a session about images/pictures and how to edit them using free tools; they'll send Jenny a date and description.

    Jenny: I'll then schedule my own session about alternative ways to read articles and posts on the web and send notices for both to all-staff

Addendum: Jan Carmichael is joining SMWG - welcome, Jan!

Also, unless someone has a hot topic we need to discuss this week, I'm canceling our meeting for Thursday, November 8th. Speak up now, or forever hold your piece. Or post it to Connect instead.

Unfortunately, this means we won't meet in November and will likely only meet once in December, so definitely post to the group if you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts to share before December 13th.

In January, we'll pick up the topic of the Social Media Showcase and begin preliminary discussions for April, among other things.