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Library Assessment Conference 2012

It was great to reconnect with so many MAES members at the Library Assessment Conference, which wrapped up today in Charlottesville, VA. MAES was extremely well-represented in the presentation schedule as well as in the poster session. Presenters included:

Consuela Askew (Florida International) "Using a Mixed Method Approach to Assessing Roaming Services: A Case Study"

Kathy Crowe (UNC-Greensboro) "Shop Your Way to Service Excellence: Secret Shopping for Academic Libraries

MAES Chair Rachel Besara and Kirsten Kinsley (both from Florida State) "Increasing the Impact & Value of a Graduate Level Research Methods Course by Embedding Assessment Librarians and Library Assessment"

Allyson Washburn (BYU) "Student Information Seeking Behaviors: A Case Study in Collaboration"

Ken Wise (Tennessee) "Methods for Measuring Return on Investment for Digitized Special Collections"

Lisa Horowitz (MIT) "The Assessment Needs of a Data-Driven Organization"

Jeanne Brown (UNLV) "Quest for Continuous Improvement: Applying Feedback and Data Gathered through Multiple Methods to Evaluate and Improve Use of a Library's Discovery Tool"

Scott Britton (Univ. of Miami) "Mining Library and University Data to Understand User Populations and Behavior" (this was a standing-room only presentation!)

Meg Scharf (Central Florida) "Closing the Loop: Are Libraries Communicating Assessment Results to Students?"

Bob Fox (Louisville) was on the closing panel, presenting a wrap-up perspective from research libraries

Poster presenters included: Jeanne Brown, Karen Neurohr, Cheryl Albrecht, Rachel Besara, and Kirsten Kinsley.

I'm sure that I missed some MAES members but, wow, this was an impressive showing!

Slides and other materials will be available on the conference website at: http://www.libraryassessment.org/  Additionally, as in past years, ARL will produce complete proceedings of the conference.

Best regards,

Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Immediate Past Chair, LLAMA-MAES