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LITA Web Coordinating Committee Meeting Report - 2012 October

Hi All, here's what I have.  Do add comments if I've missed anything and I can update the notes.

Attendees: David; Andy; Patrick; Sai; Jodie, Jessica; Bohyun; Holly; Kathryn;

Not in Attendance: Rebekah; Megan; Tara; Matthew.

Project 2 - LITABlog Renewal

Holly, Bohyun, and Kathryn reported.  Proposed letting go of the LITA blog since it's mostly a conference reporting channel that can be replaced with functionality in LITA's main ALA Connect space.  The group posed collaborating on the ACRL TechConnect blog (Bohyun is the editor of it).  WCC and/or LITA could promote the TechConnect blog to membership as a place to blog about technologies in libraries.  The committee supports the idea.

Project 2 team will produce a brief proposal and the group (with David) will take to Lauren Pressley our LITA Board Liaison.  They will also ask Lauren about other committees who should be consulted about this plan.  David will share conversations the group had with Cindi Trainor, LITA Vice President about the blog.

If we abandon the LITA blog, we will need to share that with membership and give them time to capture posts they wish. We may be able to offer the WP export file of posts to anyone who might want it.

Call for Volunteers to other projects

Project 5 - LITA Events Web Page Planning

Volunteers: Patrick and Jessica

Patrick and Jessica will confer on and absorb the materials around this project.   They will then contact Jenny Levine about these ideas and see what can be done about the LITA conference page.  The plan we have may be helpful to all ALA organizations.  Jenny may request time/things from us in seeing this forward, it's not clear at the moment if this is even possible.

Project 1 - Communication Channels - (wiki migration to Connect, Connect promotion, email lists, social networking)

Volunteers: Megan, Andy, Jodie, Sai, 

Group will: absorb the below project information; confer on it; ask questions on WCC email list about this project; establish a leader for the group; decide the group's focus ( do all members work on wiki project or perhaps other parts can be taken on by others?).   David will verify LITA staff is managing social networking channels and verify if they need help or not.

David's Further To Do

  • [Several items are in the above lists]
  • Establish the next few meeting times in Adobe Connect (w/ doodle poll)
  • Follow up with those not in attendance about what they can volunteer to do
  • Contact each group twice between monthly meetings for progress updates and needs assessment
  • Consult with LITA staff about moving site content from Get Involved area of website to About LITA section - goal do this over Thanksgiving holiday

Original Meeting Agenda

When: Friday, October 26, 2012
3:00pm to 4:00pm, US/Eastern (-5)Conference call info in wcc email list.Meeting Homework:

  • Have a look at our Strategic Plan Project List: http://connect.ala.org/node/123583
  • Note that the above links (in the table of contents) go to our meeting notes from 2012 Annual: http://connect.ala.org/node/183990)
  • Have your questions ready for this meeting
  • We have to take on these projects and see them to completion by Annual 2013
  • Use the email list if you'd like to talk about things before the meeting

Meeting Agenda:

  • talk about projects, logistics, etc.
  • assign projects for all by the end of the meeting
  • pick team leaders for each project.  (Holly is our only leader so far, on the blog renewal project)
  • More on david's project - moving all the sub-pages under the "Get Involved" area of the site to the "About" area
    • I'll verify this work is ok with our LITA staff
    • this will be my project in the next month
    • this is all my mistake, I did all of this before our site migration and before the ALA info architecture was used
    • I see  we need to be like other divisions and have committees, etc in the "About" area
    • i'm hoping there will be a way to automate this, if not, I'll do it by hand asap and create redirects for things