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ALSC Dues Increase - Student rates - input sought

Hello Colleagues:

Here's the short version of a very long discussion:

ASLC has not raised membership dues going on 17 years. The amount and quality of ASLC services to members has increased significantly during this long stretch of time.  The ALSC Budget Committee has been actively addressing this issue, and at ALA annual this past summer, made a proposal to the ALSC board for an increase in kinds of dues categories as well as dues cost. In response to concerns raised at a membership meeting, the Board asked the Budget Committee to revisit the proposed increase for student membership. The current membership cost to graduate students is $18. The Budget Committee suggested this be increased by $2.00, less than the cost of a latte. 

ASLC President Carolyn Brodie wrote a blog entry back in September, On ALSC Membership and the Dues Proposal, with links to a rousing and positive online community forum in early August, during which participants discussed the many benefits of membership.  A dues budget adjustment FAQ is also linked in the blog entry.

Are you a library/information graduate student? Would a $2 increase in ASLC dues dissuade you from joining this active ALA division? Are you someone who spends time with library/information graduate students and has an opinion about this issue? 

Please comment here, or contact me directly: aernst@email.usn.org

The Budget Committee is reworking the dues increase proposal for the ALSC Board, which must be passed at Midwinter.

Thank you for your consideration.

- Alison A. Ernst, Chair, ALSC Budget Committee Chair

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I've been a student for a while and enjoy the advantages of having less costly dues from a number of organizations.  I don't feel that a $2 increase is an issue at all in the grand scheme of things, especially if ALSC hasn't increased dues for students in 17 years.  More than fair, I say!

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Whenever a dues increase comes up in an organization, my reaction is often against the mainstream.

My fear about increasing dues is that we will lose members. A strategy that may be preferable is to increase the number of members rather than increasing the amount each person pays.  We gain in several ways--we get the increase in funds and the increase in numbers who can advocate for youth services.



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Bina, I don't think we'll lose members over a $2 increase when the dues are already so low for students. This would not have put me off as a student. As a library school instructor I always encourage my students to join ALSC and other relevant professional organizations at those all-important student rates. Then they can afford to try out several and see which ones they feel are the best fit.


Annette Goldsmith, PhD
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Lecturer, University of Washington iSchool
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