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Speakers for the 2013 Annual Program

Hello everyone,

As you might remember from an announcement in early January, our proposal for a program about applications in the health sciences was accepted for annual 2013 with the provision that we join STS who also proposed a program on this topic. Great minds do seem to think alike!! I have communicated with the STS program commitee and we have decided that we will have a panel of three speakers on the following topics:

  • Teaching with mobile devices and apps.
  • Range and functionality of mobile and tablet applications available to librarians and end users.
  • Evaluation of apps.

This is very much like our original proposal so everything worked out great.  We are now at the point where we need to find speakers. Are you or do you know of anyone who will be attending annual in Chicago that is experienced in any of these areas that might be a good speaker? Our program will be on Monday morning July 1st. We need to submit the names of the speakers to ACRL fairly soon so please send your ideas to me at asphelps@vancouver.wsu.edu

I am requesting that our annual meeting will be on Sunday so I hope you will be able to attend both of these events.

Thank you so much for your help!!