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ALA PPO seeks applications for collection development grant by 10/25!

The ALA Public Programs Office is (rather frantically) seeking applicants for a grant opportunity by October 25. The NEH's Bridging Cultures Bookshelf on Muslim Journeys will provide a collection of books, films, and other resources about Islamic history and culture to 1,000 public, academic and community college libraries. Prison libraries are also eligible to apply as public libraries, under the NEH eligibility guidelines.

The collection is worth >$1,000, and it comes with an invitation to apply for an extra $4,500 to convene reading and discussion programs using the books next year. To qualify for a grant, all you need to do is screen one of the documentary films in your library – that’s it! 

This is a fantastic opportunity to get an outstanding collection of new materials, as well as engage communities in conversation about history, art, religion, culture, and tolerance. Please apply, repost, and encourage the librarians you know to get involved! ALA membership is not required, and inquiries may be directed to publicprograms@ala.org or lcastle@ala.org.

Apply online by 10/25: www.programminglibrarian.org/muslimjourneys
Also, find out more about a matching grant option, deadline 11/1: http://www.ala.org/news/pr?id=11635


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Interesting that this FCC Hearing just happened and I'm sharing a link here: http://www.fcc.gov/events/workshop-reforming-inmate-calling-services-rates

Question: Can these grants be used in some manner to deal with these problems of access for prisoners?

For more context of the issue see: http://connect.ala.org/node/156827 Bridging Deaf Cultures @ Your Library.

Alec McFarlane