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American Libraries Advisory Committee--Minutes of October 11, 2012 Meeting

Minutes for the American Libraries Advisory Committee monthly virtual meeting held on October 11, 2012 are attached.

Committee members with additions/corrections to the minutes are encouraged to contact me directly.

Summary of main actions taken:

Committee members

Discussed the current American Libraries survey and how to draw more attention to it and the information it produces

Formally reviewed the American Libraries website with an eye towards ease of navigation and quality of content on the site

Agreed to review/discuss the November/December 2012 issue of American Libraries during the Committee's November 2012 virtual meeting

Are beginning to discuss face-to-face meetings at the 2012 ALA Midwinter Meeting (in Seattle)

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Hi, committee! Sorry I was not able to join yesterday's conversation, but I'm glad to see so much good work went on.

Just wanted to provide some background about our survey for you. We will be closing the survey on Monday night, and sent out another blast today to all the people who did not reply to see if we could get even more feedback. Rest assured I will most definitely be sharing highlights of the survey to our members, and we can prepare a link on the website for people to learn some of these details, as well as on AL Direct and to the council, if you like. It's also very good to share how these responses have effected change in the publication, and believe me, there will be changes. It is not advisable to provide all the survey results and commentary, as that provides our advertising competitor (Library Journal) with confidential information and a sales advantage.

We had a very interesting and informative meeting today regarding our emailed materials (AL Direct, EProduct News, and surveys, to name a few) and what the response is and what has worked for our audience. We each have a strong view based on our own anecdotal experience, so I'd like to share with you next meeting some of the learnings I discovered this morning. There's a lot of trend data and we can also compare to other nonprofits and industries that send out emails, so this gives us good information about how to proceed on subject lines, follow-ups, click-throughs. It's fascinating stuff!

Thanks for your many suggestions and ideas. We will certainly consider these as we continue to refine and redesign our publication and website.