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Barbara Miller (non-member)'s picture

GODORT seeking IFLA representative for four year term

Of interest to any librarians working with government

The International Federation of Library Associations and
Institutions (IFLA) is seeking liaisons. GODORT traditionally has two representatives to IFLA,
each committed to four year terms. One of our liaison positions expires next
year, and GODORT would like to invite any GODORT member interested
to  apply. It is very important for GODORT to maintain its position of
interest in government information with IFLA.

Any GODORT member who is interested can send their
information and qualifications to me(electronically, please) and I will forward
to GODORT Steering, who will choose the liaison from among applications. GODORT
will then  submit the nomination on behalf of the nominee.  Details
are here:


You will be required to submit a CV and a letter of

Thanks for your interest! Please let me know if you
have any questions, and please note that GODORT cannot supply any funding to
attend IFLA meetings, so applicants must be able to fund their own trips to

Because we are working with a close deadline(mid
November) to submit our nominee, and because of DLC meetings next week, please
get your information to me by Monday, October 22, and Steering will then have a
short time to review candidates. Also, to anyone attending DLC next week, Jim
Church, the current (and continuing) IFLS rep, and myself, will be in DC and
can answer any questions you may have.

Barbara Miller


Oklahoma State University