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Talk on gamification in libraries

As part of the Library 2.012 conference that is currently going on, I'm giving a talk on gamification for libraries called 

Reward-Based Gamification in Libraries: Short-Term Benefits, Long-Term Concerns


The full session description is at http://www.library20.com/forum/topics/reward-based-gamification-in-libraries-short-term-benefits-long?xg_source=activity


You can join in live on Thursday at 7am Eastern at



They say the talk will be recorded as well, in case you aren't a morning person...


Scott Nicholson



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Would love to hear that, but definitely going to have to be the archive - 6am Central is WAY to early for me!

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Well, thankfully, you can both sleep in and learn!


The talk is now online at 


Associate Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies 

Director, Because Play Matters game lab - http://becauseplaymatters.com

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yes, sleeping and learning is awesome! could be simultaneous in addition to being consecutive. i love it that "you snooze, you lose" is going bye bye. :)

I am the Graduate Library Assistant at UNT Media Library in Denton, Texas, along with being a Law Library Intern at the Texas Wesleyan School of Law Dee J. Kelley Law Library.