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2013 Proposed Emerging Leaders Projects

Below are the proposed 2013 Emerging Leader Projects.

Please feel free to add comments around the proposals. The project submission date is November 1st, but we are planning to submit the projects shortly after the board meeting.


Project Title: Streamline NMRT Reporting & Archiving Processes 

Project Mentor: Coral Sheldon-Hess

Project Description:
The Emerging Leaders Team will implement a new streamlined reporting approach to be used by the NMRT Committee Chairs and NMRT Board Members when submitting status reports three times a year. In addition, this streamlined approach should ease the data entry needs for the NMRT Archives Committee when doing the final review and editing of the reports prior to submitting the reports to the NMRT Archives database. 

Currently, NMRT Committee Chairs and Board Members each download a report template from Word, fill the required sections out and post the report back up to ALA Connect.  From there, the NMRT Archives Committee Chairs download the files, assign the files to a committee member, send the assigned files out via email and then the NMRT Archives committee members enter the required metadata and original file into the NMRT Archives database.  Throughout this process there is similar metadata that is entered by multiple people as well as the file is attached and downloaded multiple times. 

The Emerging Leaders Team would help design a new web form that is connected to the NMRT Archives database directly as well as design some reports and a search form. They would also work closely with the NMRT Archives and Web committees in actually implementing the designs and streamlined workflows. 

NMRT Web Committee and NMRT Archives Committee will provide details on the current process and how the data entry could be streamlined both up front and at the backend. These committees will coordinate the migration of the existing database from servers at LSU to ALA servers. 

Expected Goals:

This project is expected to have the following goals:
1) Allow the NMRT committee leadership & board members to submit their planning, progress and final reports via a web portal that is connected to the NMRT Archives database. 
2) Provide a way for the submitted but not final edited reports to be viewable. 
3) Provide a listing of which planning, progress and final reports have been submitted or not to aide the NMRT Secretary with any follow up needed as well as the NMRT Archives Committee Chairs assigning review and final editing to committee members.
4) Provide an editable view of the reports to allow the NMRT Archives Committee to review and make final edits to the reports in order to meet the archive standards
5) Provide a way to search across all reports within the NMRT Archives database. 
6) Document instructions for the NMRT Committee Chairs, Board Members and NMRT Archives committee on the new streamlined workflow. 

Next Steps for project: 

Test, train and implement the proposed streamline workflows into the reporting and archiving process used by the NMRT Committee Chairs, Board Members and NMRT Archives committee. 

How intend to use project:

NMRT would implement the streamlined process starting with the 2013-2014 Planning Reports due in September 2013 from all NMRT Committee Chairs and Board Members.

Project Title: NMRT Timeline

Project Mentors: Andrea Mullarkey & Andromeda Yelton

Project Description:  Learn what happens, when in NMRT, and develop the visual guide to “Timeline NMRT.”  The Emerging Leaders Team will build off of 2010 & 2011 projects to create a calendar of NMRT budget, committee work, conference, election, publication, scholarship/award deliverables through the year.  This calendar will provide quick access to NMRT-level action items, hard-to-locate forms and information.
The Emerging Leaders Team will gather data from the NMRT Handbook & NMRT Archives database to develop the calendar, with assistance from members of 2011 Emerging Leader Team Jaguar.  The implementation platform will be up to the group, but Drupal is strongly recommended so that the calendar could be integrated into the NMRT website.

Expected Goals: 
Development of “Timeline NMRT,” in the spirit of “Deadlines ALA,” for eventual hosting online at http://www.ala.org/nmrt

Next Steps for project:
The NMRT Web Committee will implement the Timeline within the NMRT website. 

How intend to use project: 
NMRT will use this Timeline within our orientation for new committee chairs and board members.  The link to the Timeline will also be posted on the general membership listserv for everyone to reference.

Additional Comments
Member guide Andrea Mullarkey & Andromeda Yelton were members of 2011 Emerging Leaders Project J, responsible for the Visual Guide to "Deadlines ALA."