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Working Groups of the Grassroots Subcommittee

Eileen would like all subcommittee members to review this list and let her know which group/s they are interested in.

Additionally, please feel free to edit the descriptions as you see fit.

Working Groups of the Grassroots Subcommittee

Webinars for Trustees and Friends: The Washington Office hosts frequent free webinars usually in conjunction with our consultant Stephanie Vance. This working group suggests ideas and themes that can be used in webinars directed towards trustees and friends of libraries.


Webinars for College and High School Students: Like the trustees and friends group, this working group suggests ideas and themes that may appeal to younger audiences in an effort to get them involved with library advocacy.


Tele-Town Halls: It came to the subcommittee’s attention that some legislators use tele-town halls, or large conference calls, to communicate with constituents. This working group has been seeking more information on such calls and is drafting a Q&A about how library supporters might take advantage of them.


Social Media: This working group is tasked with surveying use of social media by legislators and suggesting ways for advocates to engage with their elected officials by using it. The group has already created a flowchart for using social media and is currently looking for ways to promote it.


Marketing: This working group is tasked with promoting the subcommittee’s existing resources and brainstorming new resources that may be needed.


Legislative Resources for Trustees: This working group works on providing resources for trustees to get them involved with legislative advocacy. The group recently completed a Q&A for trustees and is now looking for ways to promote it.