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Welcome (back) to WAC!

Greetings and Salutations, fellow WACs!

Over the past few years, WAC has relied on ALA Connect to conduct WAC business outside the meetings at Midwinter and Annual. Please make sure your email notifications for WAC are turned on (they already should be - and if you got an email about this discussion, they are *grin*) - it's a good process to know.

WAC is a representative group appointed from across ALA and the Divisions, some of our soon-to-be-new folks have yet to be appointed (I get to poke the appointing authorities about their current lack of representation).

If you encounter anything (or hear of problems from anyone, in your unit or outside it/them) about the ALA website, ALA Connect, or anything web realted about ALA at all, I encourage you to highlight it here in the WAC Connect Group. Good or Bad, WAC should know so we can help ITTS and ALA at-large work on prioritizing stuff, helping to devlop RFPs for needed services, and/or provide feedback as RFP evaluators.

WAC is the member-voice which helps improve ALA's web presence (all of them).


If you have general WAC questions, please feel free to respond in this discussion. If you feel something warrants a separate discussion, feel free ot start a new discussion thread (but, please make sure your topic hasn't started already (in the last few months) to limit our thread-spawn creep)