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Cathay Keough's picture

Meeting Minutes from September 21, 2012 online meeting

Our meeting was held using Blackboard Collaborate.  A copy of the chat transcript is attached (no audio recording).

Time:  3pm -4pm Eastern

Date:  September 21, 2012

In attendance:  Carol Anderson, Kristen Shuyler, Cynthia Thomes, Emilie Smart and Cathay Crosby (note that Jessica H. was having trouble gaining access to this new onlien format); guests-Don Boozer, and Ellen Filgo (MARS) and Bill Pardue (presenter for ALA Annual Conference workshop co-sponsored by PR & Marketing and MARS). 


I.  Slam the Boards-Conference Workshop

The meeting began with a discussion about the ALA Annual conference workshop, "Slam the Boards", to be presented by Bill Pardue and co-sponsored by RSS PR & Marketing and MARS.  It was agreed by those present to have a 'flipped' workshop, in that the webinar about Slam the Boards (given by Bill Pardue) will be given in May  (preferably between May 13 and 28, 2013).   A follow up discussion will be held at ALA Annual, in a World Cafe' style.

Action items: 

1.  Bill will notify Cathay about preferred dates for the webinar.

2.  Cathay (with Don and Ellen's help) will determine if RUSA/ALA has this worksop properly scheduled and described for the conference information.  There was some mix-up in that the first proposal was granted -- to have a workshop at ALA called "slam the boards" but RUSA/ALA requested fewer workshops so our committee volunteered to switch to a webinar/discussion format.

Note:  Cathay and Don wrote to Liane Taylor, Sarah Hammill and Joe Thompson to find out more and on September 18, Ann Brown was also added to the email thread. - CC)

3.  For the webinar:  Once a date is set up and approved by all stakeholders, Cathay will reserve Blackboard through RUSA.

4.  For the disussion forum at ALA Annual:  A date/time needs to be determined.  The group talked about the style in which to effectively hold an indepth discussion to brainstorm ideas for how libraries can achieve relevant interaction with patrons online, where the patrons are (rather than trying to get the customer to move to where the library is), based upon Bill's model.  A goal of the discussion is to have participants walk away with a kind of action plan or specific ideas for their libraries.

The workshop dicussion took about half of our meeting.

II.  Brief updates from committee members regarding home libraries' marketing initiatives:  Cathay recounted previous meetings to update those in attendance; this topic moved to a discussion thread in ALA Connect/our committee for sharing. Two questions will be posted:  "What tools does your library use for marketing?" and "How does your library measure these marketing tools' effectiveness?"

III.  ALA Midwinter:  Cathay asked who will be attending in person to determine if we will have an in-person meeting.  Emilie, Carol and Kristen plan to attend the Mid-winter conference in Seattle.  Others from our committee?  Cynthia will not be able to.  We may need to have a blended meeting.

Action:  January date for virtual and on-site meeting needs to be determined by the end of October.  Cathay will send out a Doodle poll for this within the next few weeks.

IV.  RSS's Executive meeting held online in August.  See the meeting notes for August 11, 2012:  http://connect.ala.org/node/151680  From this meeting, our committee's work with other committees can begin as we find ways to collaborate on research and marketing all library services. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.




Jessica Hagman's picture

Thanks for sending out the notes Cathay, and sorry that I was not able to get in. I'm planning to be at midwinter and annual this year. 

Cathay Keough's picture

Hi Jessica!  As I noted in the minutes, I saw that you were having trouble getting into Bb.  It's our first time using it and I learned a bit with this live session, too.  We'll have it smoother next time around.

Great to know you will be at both.  Thanks for responding!

Cathay Keough Statewide Coordinator Delaware Reference Services Group (includes Ask a Librarian Delaware) and DLA Executive Director (cathay.keough@lib.de.us).