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Micah Vandegrift's picture

DH, ScholComm and the Evolving Character of Librarianship

Hi All, 

I've been invited to be a contributor to a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Library Administration. It will be a special issue focused on digital humanities and why Library Admins should be paying attention. I am doing some preliminary reading and wanted to poll you all for ideas. 

I will be writing about how DH and ScholComm are prompting a shift in the way libraries/ians think of themselves, and how they construct perceptions of themselves to the research community. I'll be adapting and expanding on the piece I wrote for In The Library with the Lead Pipe a few months ago. 

So... what do you think? Are we, as DH-interested librarians, thinking of ourselves differently? Are you interacting differently with your colleagues in more traditional roles? How is your campus/community reacting to DH-ish outreach and roles? What about your administration in the library and above?

Thanks for any and all comments, things to read and for challenging my ideas! 

Micah V.

Scholarly Communications Librarian

Florida State University