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Tell Congress: Women's History Needs A Home -Petition US Senate


Petitioning The U.S. Senate

Tell Congress: Women's history needs a home!

National Women's History Museum - We Need YOUR SUPPORT everyone 


from Change.org  - please show support by signing this petition from the National Women's History Museum to the US Senate  and share 

“How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been?” asks Billie Jean King, winner of 12 Grand Slam Tennis Titles and Founder of the Women's Sports Foundation.  Knowing our history is key to a successful future.  However, our nation's children are growing up with half of our history – women’s history – missing. 

Did you know that only one in ten figures in today’s history textbooks is a woman; less than eight percent of the statues in our national parks are of women and in our nation’s Capitol Building, only thirteen out of the 217 statues are of women leaders?  The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) will educate and empower by building a museum in Washington, DC, a city whose attractions symbolize what our nation honors.   

NWHM has petitioned Congress for a permanent home on or near the National Mall, offering to build the Museum with private monies - not at taxpayer’s expense - for the last nine years, yet our efforts continue to be blocked.  Congress’ inaction includes: 

•    Passing legislation twice in the U.S. Senate but not passing it in the House of Representatives
•    In another session of Congress, passing legislation in the House but not in the Senate.  
•    Then during this Congress, attaching a pet-project killer amendment to our bill which hasn’t passed – and won’t. 

There is one vacant site left on the National Mall – it is time for Congress to act now!  Do not make women wait even one more year to gain the recognition they deserve.  Make your voice heard and let Congress know that you want women’s history on the National Mall.   

New legislation has been drafted and will be introduced soon.  Time is short. Don’t delay, please show your support for a permanent home for women’s history today!

Thank you for your support & thank you to those who have already signed this petition.            

 / Karen Weaver, MLS, Member ALA COSWL Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship

/ Digital Projects Assistant, Library Systems, Duquesne University, Gumberg Library, Pittsburgh PA email: weaverk@duq.edu / melvil4u@gmail.com