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2013 MIDWINTER SCHEDULING: Deadlines, details, documents--everything is here

The online meeting submission form for Midwinter 2013 is now open! Check out this post for instructions and deadlines.

 If you are a designated scheduler for a ASCLA interest group or committee, you should have received an e-mail from ymclean@ala.org with the subject line “ALA 2013 Midwinter Meeting Submission Site now open.” If you did not receive this message, please check your spam/junk folders. If it is not there, please add ymclean@ala.org to your safe senders/whitelist, then e-mail ymclean@ala.org with a CC: to me, and provide your member ID, the name of the group you represent, and request that the e-mail with login information be resent to you.

The most important change, as is noted in the documents attached to this post, is that the regular meeting blocks have changed. They are: 8:30-10am, 8:30-11:30am, 8:30am-5:30pm, 10:30-11:30am, 1-2:30pm, 3-4pm and 4-5:30pm. Your meetings must conform to these times.

 Here are the deadlines:

  • Sept. 30 – All new meeting requests must be submitted via the online form. 
  • Oct. 1 – Preliminary schedule of meetings sent out and posted in Connect for your review. 
  • Oct. 7 – Last day for any changes to meeting times and dates; A/V orders are also due on this date.

The form will close on OCTOBER 8. The Oct. 7 deadline above assures that staff will have time to review your meeting requests before they are delivered to Conference Services, so please make sure your work is completed by October 7--no exceptions. Between Oct. 8 and Nov. 1, I will be working with Conference Services to confirm your meeting details and assist with room assignments. If, during this time, you need to make a last-minute update to your meeting A/V ONLY, they will need to be e-mailed to me (SUBJ: “Midwinter scheduling: A/V update”) at lmarkel@ala.org before November 1. Please only take advantage of this update window if last-minute changes or emergencies necessitate it! Room setups/sizes cannot be changed after Oct. 7, and A/V changes will not be accepted after Nov. 1.


These are all attached to this post. Please download, print out and review before scheduling your meeting! There are some new features for the form, and they are explained in these documents.

  • Step-by-step scheduling instructions
  • The spreadsheet of the Midwinter 2012 schedule for your reference
  • An abbreviated version of How to Make Your Events Findable in the Conference Planner that covers hashtags, tags, subject areas, audiences and how to find your iMIS committee code
  • Guide to Meetings, which explains room layouts and A/V options

 The following meetings are scheduled by ASCLA staff:

  • ASCLA All-Committee meeting: Saturday 3-5:30
  • ASCLA Board I and Leadership Session: Saturday, 8-11:30am, with board running 8-10 and leadership happening 10-11:30 in the same room
  • ASCLA Board II: Monday, 8-10am
  • ASCLA/COSLA Reception: Sunday, 8-10pm

Questions? Feel free to contact me at lmarkel@ala.org, or contact Leighann Wood at lwood@ala.org.

IMPORTANT: I will be away from the office with no access to e-mail between Oct 3 and Oct 22! Leighann (lwood@ala.org) will be availabe during that time.