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2012-2013, Summaries of Current Activities

September 2012

The committee met at Annual 2012. We will be working closely with the RUSA Executive Committee over the next year to continue to improve the effectiveness of the section. We will also be following up on feedback we’ve received over the next year, updating the handbook, reviewing the bylaws, and creating several surveys.

Februrary 2013

The committee met online in January 2013. We reviewed RSS Bylaws and Handbook and thought we might be able to move forward updating both. However, upon further review, Liane discovered some issues/inconsistencies between the documents regarding the members of the Executive Committee and the O&P Committee. We had to therefore delay the updating. We will be holding a joint O&P/Executive meeting in Feb or Mar to work out these issues once and for all. Then we will move forward with updating. Our goal is to have a very easy-to-use Chair Orientation Handbook; updated, clear bylaws; and a Handbook for Officers, if needed, which explains duties of each position and other details.