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Minutes of HMRC Virtual Meeting Sept. 10, 2012

Hello! I am attaching the minutes of our meeting from Monday, Sept. 10.  Please take a look at them and let me know if you see any changes.  For those of you who weren't there, please take a look at them - it was a great meeting and we made quite a few decisions.

There are a number of follow-up action items in the minutes.  As a reminder, here they are:


  • See if committee members would like a brief overview of ALA Connect and how we are going to use it for this committee


  • Karen needs to follow up with Queens Library for possible panelist
  • Nadia will see if expert in reference for people with disabilities willing to be on panel
  • Nadia will send list of potential literacy panelists to this group


  • Kelli will put Guidelines on ALA Connect. This has been done.
  • Guidelines subgroup needs to schedule meeting


  • Karen needs to check to see if webinars can be free.  This is done - 1-hour webinars can be free, but they are working out the details right now.  They might need to be called "discussions."
  • Webinar subgroup needs to schedule meeting

Last: next meeting of the HMRC needs to be scheduled! (Karen)

Thanks again to everyone who attended!

HMRC Minutes 9-10-12.doc30.5 KB