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Andromeda Yelton's picture

Spectrum scholarship?

Saw this on the twitters just now: http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/news/ala/aasl-sponsors-two-spectrum-scholars-attend-fall-forum

It's just what it looks like from the URL.


code4lib does something similar with gender & minority scholarships.  Suppose there's any chance we could do the same for Forum?  Would we need to attract sponsorship to do it?  (Might this be a novel way to get sponsors interested?)

Jennifer E. Taylor's picture

Honestly, this looks to be a pretty awesome idea to me, and getting someone else to pay is even more awesome.

I'm kinda curious to hear from LITA staff on this one first.  I wonder if setting this up would cause a burden on them.  

The Forum also gives discounted student rates in exchange for their doing a little work at the forum.  Students have to write something up to get awarded that rate.  We could reserve a couple of those slots for Spectrum Scholars.  I have no idea how may awards they give, though.


Brian Hickam's picture

I agree that this is worth persuing.  Higher ed institutions (including my regional campus) are still forming, re-forming (after several years), or expanding committees and task forces that promote diversity issues on campus.  Ours was a mandate from the dean of the campus, who asked (1.) that the library be heavily involved in order to promote books, videos, & other resources; and (2.) that the committee sponsor monthly events.

Brian Hickam

Benedictine University at Springfield