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STARS Board Conference Call, Sept 11, 2012

RUSA/STARS Board Meeting
Sept 11, 1:30-2:30 Eastern
Conference Call Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions (David Atkins)
2. RUSA Information Update (David Atkins)
3. Two Membership Initiatives Ready for Prime Time:  5 Things and Star Gazing (Micquel Little, Membership)
4. Blackboard Connect for Everybody! Options for Committees and Midwinter (David Atkins)
5. ShareILL Update [http://www.shareill.org] (Jennifer Jacobs, Education & Training)
6. Programs for Midwinter and Annual: Update and Room Requests (David Atkins, program producers)
7. Program Assessment & Feedback from Attendees (David Atkins)
8. Meeting Time?  Monday or Thursday Afternoons?  (David Atkins)
9. New Business?