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American Libraries Advisory Committee--Minutes of August 23, 2012 Meeting

Minutes for the American Libraries Advisory Committee monthly virtual meeting held on August 23, 2012 are attached.

Committee members with additions/corrections to the minutes are encouraged to contact me directly.

Summary of main actions taken:

Comments/suggestions from committee members regarding the upcoming American Libraries survey should be sent to Laurie (lborman@ala.org) by end of business on Friday, August 31, 2012.

Committee members agreed to take the following steps to help generate increased awareness
of what American Libraries provides:

  • Support the magazine through at least one social media tool, e.g., liking the American Libraries page and content on Facebook,  following American Libraries on Twitter (@amlibraries), or commenting on American Libraries on LinkedIn.
  • Comment on at least one article on the website each quarter.
  • Laurie will see if she can start an online conversation (perhaps on LinkedIn) designed to draw readers into a conversation about what American Libraries provides for them. (This came from a committee member’s question as to whether American Libraries has ever prepared anything telling our readers about all the various resources we provide.)

Laurie Borman also:

  • Reiterated her previous message that she loves hearing from committee members about content and finds that sort of feedback very helpful, so encouraged members to contact her directly with comments.
  • Asked that committee members send a one-line email notifying her as soon as print copies of the magazine arrive so she can be sure delivery is occurring in a timely fashion.

--Paul Signorelli, American Libraries Advisory Committee Chair

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Good afternoon,
Please forgive my tardiness!  Now that I have settled in at my new job, I will have time to respond to my many e-mails.
I will read the minutes and provide my suggestions. The brief summary I was able to read in your e-mail looks great!
I will update my personal information with ALA in order to receive my e-mail in a timely manner. Unfortunately, my snail mail deliveries will continue to go to my home in Atlanta.
Thank you for your patience with this new committee member.
Brenda Pruitt-Annisette, Ed.D.Assistant ProfessorLibrary, Information, and Media Services (LIMS)Chicago State University9501 S. King DriveChicago, Illinois 60628773.995.2003 (work)404.202.8269 (cell)bpruitt@csu.eduAnnisettes@gmail.com

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