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LITA Assessment and Research Committee Meeting Minutes Saturday, June 23, 2012

LITA Assessment and Research Committee Meeting Minutes

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Attending: Bonnie Postlethwaite (Chair), Lisa Craig-Young, Kristen Antelman, Cindi Trainor (Board Liaison), Clara Ruttenberg, Andreas (Dre) Orphanides, Mary Taylor (Staff Liaison), and Katie Miller,

Guests: Evviva Weinraub, Michelle Frisque

1. Introduction of the new LITA Assessment and Research Committee Chair.

            The new chair is Michelle Frisque.

2. Recognition of committee members whose terms are ending.

            Bonnie Postlethwaite, Gail Clement, Michelle Kowalksy, Charles Kratz, Katie Miller and Andreas (Dre) Orphanides have completed their terms. Thank you all for your service. You will be missed.

3. Introduction of new members.

            We have not received an updated membership roster. There are currently open positions on this committee that need to be filled.

4. Data dashboards.

LITA has two dashboards that track LITA trends over time. One is the LITA Data Dashboard and the other is the Financial Dashboard. We need volunteers to update the data on both dashboards. The data comes from the LITA Office in the late fall. Clara Ruttenberg has agreed to update the dashboards. She will then send it to Michelle Frisque who will post it ALA Connect.

LITA Data Dashboard. The LITA Data Dashboard includes information about LITA membership trends, ITAL impact factor rankings, and ITAL subscription numbers. It will be viewable to all LITA Members.

ITAL. Now that ITAL has moved to an Open Access model some of the iTAL metrics are no longer valid i.e. subscriber and revenue information, and should be removed from the dashboard. There was a discussion about what new types of metrics we should gather. A project for this committee is to work with The ITAL Editorial Board to determine what metrics are available and which ones we want to include in the dashboard. Kristin Antelman has agreed to continue to provide the impact factor ranking for ITAL for the dashboard.

Publications. It was also decided that we should add publication information into the dashboard. Mary Taylor will provide these statistics so that we can add them.

Programing. It was also decided that we should add some programming metrics to dashboard. This will be a future discussion for the committee.

LITA Financial Dashboard. No changes need to be made to dashboard at this time. This dashboard will be made available to the LITA Committee and Interest Group Connect site. All of the LITA Chairs and the LITA Board of Directors has access to this site.

5. Revising Manual Section 12.

            We reviewed the current proposed revisions to the LITA Manual Section 12. Additional changes were proposed. Bonnie agreed to post revisions to ALA Connect.

6. Archiving Committee Documents.

Bonnie posted the most up to date version of all of the. Assessment and Research documents on ALA Connect.