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2012 Mentors

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Committee Chair


Catalog Use

Colleen Seale

Emilie Smart

Communication and Teaching at the Point of Need Committee

Christine Sharbrough

Jamie Hollier

Education and Professional Development for Reference

Kristen Mastel & Joseph Yu

Virginia Cole

Evaluation of Reference and User Services

Ellen Keith

Jamie Hollier

Health and Medical Reference

Karen Vargas

Virginia Cole

Job and Career Reference

Kate Oberg

Jamie Hollier

Library Services to an Aging Population

Jeffrey Kempe

Emilie Smart

Library Services to the Spanish Speaking

Stephen Marvin

Virginia Cole

Management of Reference

Sally Dockter

Jamie Hollier

Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services

Cathay Crosby

Virginia Cole

Research and Statistics

Lynda Duke

Emilie Smart

Virtual Reference Services (with MARS)

Don Boozer (RSS)

Jamie Hollier

Web Advisory

Shu Qian

Emilie Smart

Young Adult Reference Services (YARS)

Nicolette Warisse Sosulski

Emilie Smart

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I think Organization and Planning was omitted from the table??


 Think Green - don't print this email unless necessary

Diana D. Shonrock Professor Emeritus, Iowa State University


Liane Taylor (non-member)'s picture

Hi Diana - O&P doesn't need mentors, as it has a Member-at-Large, Past-Chair, Vice-Chair, and current Chair on the committee.