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Goals for 2012-2013

Tags: Goals | 2013
  1. From RSS Board discussion (see minutes from Annual 2012) committees are focusing on issues brought up by the board. ERUS committee will take on the evaluation of the triage model and the terminology we use (new definition of "reference" needed?). Discussion to follow as to how we'll approach this.
  2. Publicize via listservs "Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources: A Guide" (postponed goal from 2011-2012).

Status of goals as of October 10:

  1. Sarah Hammill helped us immensely with one of our goals, publicizing Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources: A Guide via the RSS Facebook page and the RSS listserv (both done on September 24).
  2. Still to do: tackle our issue from the RSS Board, evaluation of the triage model; and schedule our virtual Midwinter meeting for a date between January 16 and 31.

Status of goals as of April 9:

  1. Good discussion at virtual Midwinter meeting on January 30 regarding evaluation of reference project (broadening it to include more than triage model). See minutes landing page for minutes of meeting. Next step is further discussion before Annual.
  2. Partnered with Virtual Reference Services Committee to form ad hoc committee on surveying the state of virtual reference. 6 volunteers will take this on, report back at joint meeting at Annual.

Status of goals as of July 16:

  1. After in-person meeting at Annual, we came up with some potential questions for the survey of reference models. Incoming chair Jason Kruse is putting them in a Google doc to share with the committee.
  2. Terri Miller, on the ad hoc committee for the state of virtual reference, shared the draft of their survey at Annual. The committee offered suggestions and that discussion will also inform what the committee does with the reference survey.