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Goals, 2012-2013

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Maintain awareness of committee activities throughout the year; determine what is working and what isn't and why. 

  • Members-at-Large will check their committees' Connect spaces to make sure minutes, goals, and current activities are up-to-date (4 times a year).

UPDATE 10/12 MaL contacted committee chairs to check on goals being updated.

UPDATE 2/13 Through email communication with Management of Reference Committee learned that Professional Competencies for Reference & User Services Librarians are widely used in graduate schools.

UPDATE 4/13 After a thorough discussion in a meeting with O&P it was decided that the Web Advisory as a standing committee did not need to exist.  Committee was disbanded.  We will continue to have a Web Master who will serve on Executive Committee.

UPDATE 4/13 Because of the overlap between Exec and O&P we decided to disband O&P and fold the 3 members from O&P not already on Exec into the Executive Committee. 

  • Executive will meet jointly with O&P to discuss committees’ progress and suggest any actions needed to address problems (4 times a year)

UPDATE 4/13 Met with Org & Planning and decided much of the work between Exec and O&P overlaps.  After a long discussion decided to disband O&P and add the three members on O&P that were not on Exec to the Executive Committee. 

Recognize RSS, its members and their accomplishments. 

  • Publicize the contributions/impact of RSS.

UPDATE 10/12 Publicity went out on RSS Member publications, committee happenings, and Reference Research Review, programs at ALA, and the RSS Evaluation of Reference & User Services Committee's guide: Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources Guide via email to RSS-L and Facebook

UPDATE 2/13 1st Member of the Quarter will be featured in post-Midwinter RSS Review.

Publicity went out via listserv on ALA Midwinter Happenings

RSS Board members sent emails to RSS members in their state inviting them to RSS Events at ALA Midwinter. 

Emails went out to RSS members in the state of Washington and surrounding states about RSS Happenings at Midwinter.

UPDATE 4/13 - 1st member of the Quarter is Joseph Thompson

  • Update and modify the RSS Members Publication List (2 times a year).

UPDATED 10/12 - done in 9/12

UPDATE 2/13 - Done in 2/13

  • Implement and recognize an RSS Member of the Quarter (implement in Fall 2012).

UPDATE 4/13 - 1st member of the Quarter will be featured in the RSS Review post-midwinter edition.

Work with O&P to continually improve our section and build relationships with MARS and other sections of RUSA as appropriate (ongoing).

  • Meet jointly with O&P 4 times a year.

UPDATE 4/13 Met with Org & Planning and decided much of the work between Exec and O&P overlaps.  After a long discussion decided to disband O&P and add the three members on O&P that were not on Exec to the Executive Committee. 

Ensure the section adds value to its members by increasing virtual participation opportunities, monitoring program planning throughout the year, and keeping the website up-to-date with value-added information.   

  • Review all Annual 2014 conference proposals and select appropriate number to forward to RUSA Conference Coordinating Committee (May 2013).
  • Increase alternatives to face-to-face programs for committees including webinars, discussions, videos, and online tools (ongoing).

UPDATE 10/12 - The Virtual Reference Committee and the RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services are hosting a webinar in conjunction with a face-to-face discussion forum.

The Health and Medical Reference Committee and other committees are exploring options regarding online discussions and webinars. Contingent on RUSA finalizing the procedures.

UPDATE 2/13 - Job & Career Reference Committee Members volunteered to assist RUSA with their career information web resource

  • Promote committee utilization of Blackboard Collaborate for meetings, discussions, and webinars (ongoing).

UPDATE 10/12 - Send email received from RUSA regarding this.

UPDATE 2/13 - Each RUSA section wil get one free webinar. 

  • Expand collaboration between different RSS committees and other RUSA sections (ongoing).
  • Keep website up-to-date with value-added content (ongoing).  

UPDATE 10/12 - RSS Spotlight was updated in September

UPDATE 4/13 - RSS submitted 1 webinar from the RSS Health and Medicine Reference Committee.  We are guaranteed 1 free webinar.  We also submitted a webinar from the RSS Marketing and Public Relations Committee. This free webinar was promised to RSS when we agreed to cancel the face-to-face program when ALA changed the number of programs each division could submit.


Continue to encourage coaching and mentoring activities via liaisons.

UPDATE 10/12 - Liaisons are reaching out to committee chairs regarding updated goals.