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Goals and Current Activities

(YARS) Young Adult Reference Services Committee  Minutes, Goals, and Objectives


As the committee had not been fully constituted at the time of Annual Conference, there are, as yet, no meeting minutes.  At Annual , the only official member was Joe Thompson, who did discuss the committee at a session on serving teens.  Nicolette Sosulski was subsequently appointed to the committee and appointed chair.


Joe and Nicolette participated in the RSS board meeting at which some action items were suggested, including collaborating with the Marketing and PR of Reference committee on possible sessions and initiatives on outreach to teens, and partnering with Communication & Teaching at the Point of Need Committee on outreach to teachers in schools, especially through partnerships with school library media specialists, where they exist.

Most of the efforts to date have gone toward assembling the committee roster, which seems to have gelled.

Nicolette Warisse Sosulski, Chair

Joe Thompson, Member

Susan Davison Barb, Member

Sarah Hannah Gomez,  Member             

Rochelle L. Hartman, Member

Margaret Portier , Member

Beverly Choltco-Devlin, Member

There are two members still in process

Virginia Woods Roberts, Member

Rose Luna, Member

And Sara Kelly Johns and Justin Hoenke, who will be on our listserv.


Although our stated objective is the updating and maintenance of the Guidelines for Library Services to Teens [here defined as spanning the 12-19 year age range] developed by a joint RUSA/YALSA task force in 2008, the first step towards this is formalization of our relationship with YALSA.  To that end we are communicating with YALSA members.

Once those are updated, which may take this year and next, it has been proposed that a toolkit be produced.  In many public libraries, homework help, research assistance, and information literacy efforts for this group--as well as maintenance for the collections that support these activities-- lie in the adult reference area, due to budget and space considerations, rather than the teen area, if it exists.  Thus a toolkit could prove to be useful.

Some proposed discussions or session topics for conference include:

  • How can public libraries partner more effectively with school libraries to serve this group?
  • How does one reach this group, the members of whom are exposed to more and more alternatives to libraries for information provision?
    These are our future taxpayers, and the assumption that there will be a period during which they move away from libraries, to return later, could be a dangerous belief given the ever-growing plethora of competitors in the content provision marketplace.
  • How does/should the widespread adoption of the Common Core Standards initiative impact collection development and reference services to this group, especially in areas where there is no school media specialist?

As the group meets, no doubt more areas of interest will emerge.


1.      With appointments made by RSS Chair, finalize RSS committee memberships for 2012-2013.

2.      Work with RSS Executive Committee to formalize the committee’s joint relationship with YALSA.

3.      Organize and carry-out one discussion forum to take place during Midwinter 2013 in Seattle or Annual 2013 in Chicago.

4.      Develop and submit a program proposal for Annual 2014 in Las Vegas.

5.      Once relationship with YALSA is formalized, begin process for revising the Guidelines for Library Services to Teens (May not be completed until 2013-2014)

6.      Compile a toolkit of resources in support of the revised Guidelines for Library Services to Teens (May not be completed until 2013-2014)