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Plans for the year

Would like to have a discussion on services to Spanish Speaking by inviting librarian from Vancouver to present example of her work with libraries serving the Spanish Speaking.  Faviola is from Peru and has been using a technique of instruction for Mother Goose.  During a meeting with her, I discussed many aspects of developing library programs to the Spanish Speaking which I felt were of great interest.  However, perhaps the MidWinter would not draw significant attraction to this discussion.  In any event, if committee members at least could discuss with her some of the observations made, we may be able to continue with our own planning.  

Would like to also revise the Guidelines of Services to Spanish Speaking but need to verify whether in fact, the time is ripe to do so.  I will confirm with the coordinator of the guidelines to verify need to revise or learn the appropriate date to do so.

Finally, would like to review an article for publication on the work of the committee regarding the results of a survey completed last year.  The article may include more details we learn from MidWinter.


Stephen Marvin (smarvin@wcupa.edu)  (610-436-1068)