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CRS Annual 2012 Executive Committee minutes

CRS Executive Committee
Saturday, June 23, 2012
Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort, Mazatlan C

In attendance:

  • Meg Mering, Chair
  • Jacquie Samples, Chair-Elect
  • Rebecca Kemp, Incoming Chair-Elect
  • Paul Moeller, Past Chair
  • Anne Mitchell, Secretary
  • Eugene Dickerson, Member-at-Large
  • Bonnie Parks, Member-at-Large
  • Sion Romaine, Member-at-Large
  • Patrick Carr, College and Research Libraries Interest Group
  • Anneliese Taylor, Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group
  • Robert Van Rennes, Acquisitions Committee
  • Jennifer Young, Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee
  • Mavis Molto for Kurt Blythe, Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee
  • Heather Staines, Committee on Holdings Information
  • Erin Leach, Policy & Planning Committee
  • Charlene Chou, Standards Committee
  • Selina Lin, First Step Award Jury
  • Christopher Walker, Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award Jury
  • Betsy Simpson, ALCTS President and Carolynne Myall, ALCTS President Elect, guests

Interim Business (Meg Mering)

  • Meg Mering recapped Executive Committee business completed since the previous conference:
    • held a conference call with committee and interest group chairs and representatives to assess progress toward annual conference objectives. The interim meeting was considered worthwhile, and in the future will likely occur in both spring and fall.
    • approved the Midwinter 2012 minutes.
    • discussed standing committee liaison assignments for member-at-large positions, following the ALCTS model for division-level committees. The Committee concluded that it would be preferable to continue to assign liaisons based on their interest and expertise.

Announcements from the ALCTS President (Betsy Simpson and Carolynne Myall)

  • Betsy Simpson announced that a standards task force chaired by Cindy Hepfer is looking broadly at standards issues across the division. An interim report from this task force is expected at Midwinter 2013, and a final report at Annual 2013.
  • A number of schedule changes are slated for 2013. In conjunction with an ALA-wide movement toward shorter time slots, programs will be placed in a 60- or 90-minute time slot, with no start time earlier than 8:30am. Programs and interest group forums expecting a large turnout will be held at the convention center, contingent on the size of the convention center at the conference location. Meetings will take place at hotels, with section groups meeting in the same general area throughout the conference. Carolynne Myall confirmed that these changes will go into effect at Midwinter 2013. It is not yet clear how these changes will impact programs with a long-standing panel format, or the program planning process in general. Jacquie Samples will send out the schedule in late summer for reference, and will have the opportunity to review the schedule and provide feedback to ALCTS at that time.
  • Also beginning in 2013, appointments will go into effect before the annual conference so that member and chair responsibilities begin immediately upon appointment. This is expected to improve continuity, especially for groups that do not meet in person at Midwinter. There is expected to be a period of assessment and transition as the new schedule takes effect.
  • The Machine Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI) will be dissolved as of the end of Annual 2013 and replaced with something larger in scope than MARC, although MARC issues will continue to go to this committee for the foreseeable future. The proposed new committee will be comprised of a RUSA representative and equal numbers of ALCTS and LITA representatives, and will carry on its relationships with NISO, OCLC, and the Library of Congress. Meg Mering indicated that it would be desirable to have CRS representation on the new committee; serials librarians have been involved with MARBI in the past, but not in a representative role. She pointed out that there is a designated CRS representative to CC:DA and was unsure why the composition of MARBI was different. Betsy Simpson and Carolynne Myall both indicated a desire to preserve strong ties to the sections while keeping the committee at a manageable size, and noted that there are different ways of attaining this objective (dedicated liaison roles, established communication expectations, etc.). It is not yet clear how leadership of the committee will be apportioned. LITA and ALCTS will share the responsibility, but it has not been decided whether that will be a joint co-chair appointment, staggered chair/vice-chair appointments, or some other approach.
  • Mary Beth Webber presented the report of the advocacy task force at the Friday Board meeting. The report articulated two kinds of advocacy: background advocacy, in which we demonstrate value to our own organizations and communities; and advocacy at the policy level on issues of current significance such as the depository library program, copyright, and e-book access. A task group will be assigned to address internal advocacy, and an advocacy coordinating group will address the policy issues.
  • Mary Case was scheduled to present the findings of the publication review task force at the Monday Board meeting. The task group has not yet completed its charge but is working on a series of recommendations to improve the robustness of the ALCTS publishing program. Also related to ALCTS publishing, Mary Beth Webber will succeed Peggy Johnson as the editor of LRTS, and newsletter editor Alice Platt is seeking section representatives to the newsletter in order to improve the flow of information from the sections; Felicity Dykas has been appointed as the CRS representative.
  • ALCTS is beginning to address the issue of its digital repository after being approached by bepress. The University of Illinois houses the organization's print archive, but a digital archive had not yet been discussed. It is not clear at this point where the matter will go, and the decision may ultimately reside with ALA rather than ALCTS as part of a broader archival strategy.

CRS General Discussion (Meg Mering)

  • Jacquie Samples will shortly be soliciting nominations for the CRS representative to IFLA, replacing Stephanie Schmitt whose term is expiring.
  • The group discussed the upcoming shift in the appointment calendar to make appointments effective before, rather than after, the annual conference. The change raises a number of issues for committee and interest group leaders. Heather Staines pointed out that chairs are sometimes identified on short notice, and newly appointed chairs that were not planning to attend the annual conference might have difficulty obtaining funding and making travel plans. Rob Van Rennes raised the issue of timing for groups that are sponsoring a program at the annual conference. Rebecca Kemp mentioned the problems that might arise when someone is transitioning between committee assignments. The transition year will make the answers to these questions clearer.
  • The group discussed the ongoing issue of virtual participation. Meg Mering indicated that she hasn't heard consistent opinion from committees and interest groups. Some groups (e.g., award juries) work entirely virtually, some have long-standing virtual members whose participation they have tried to optimize in various ways, and some prefer to work face-to-face at the conference. The usual logistical problems with synchronous virtual participation were raised, chiefly unpredictable Internet access and room acoustics that make Skype or conference calls with remote members a challenge. Several committee chairs also touched on the difficulty of making the committee experience inclusive and satisfying for virtual members. Gene Dickerson suggested that this is particularly critical for new members who have not had a chance to establish an in-person comfort level with the organization, its climate, and its members. ALCTS wants to extend opportunities for participation to a broader base, but it might be uniquely difficult for newer members to engage as virtual participants.
  • Heather Staines raised the question of whether a committee chair could be a virtual participant. In the past, committee members have been able to stand in for absent chairs at the committee and board meetings, but true virtual participation of the chair is a different approach. Jacquie Samples indicated that while she prefers to meet with committee chairs in person, if the only reason someone is coming to the conference is to report to the Board, she is open to alternatives. Heather Staines suggested drafting a set of guidelines and best practices for virtual participation that would address expectations for both chairs and members. Rebecca Kemp added that it might be helpful to do some expectation-setting for participation more generally, so that all chairs and members are operating under a shared understanding of the organization's expectations. Paul Moeller indicated that ALCTS is moving away from requiring conference attendance for committee participants; Meg Mering and Jacquie Samples agreed that CRS needs to embrace this direction and start finding and articulating effective strategies for virtual participation, recognizing that individual committee approaches might differ depending on the nature of their activities.

Action items/reports from committees and liaisons:

  • Officers
    • Meg Mering, Chair – At the ALCTS 101 event, Meg Mering and Jacquie Samples found they had to define many terms relevant to CRS (including “continuing resources”) to experienced as well as early-career professionals. Meg Mering suggested that relevant terms be defined somewhere on the CRS website, perhaps using a short video in lieu of a block of text.
    • Jacquie Samples, Chair-Elect – Jacquie Samples announced the new CRS leaders: Chair-Elect Rebecca Kemp, Secretary Gracemary Smulewitz, Member-at-Large Melissa Beck, Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Chair Cecelia Genereux, Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee Chair Mavis Molto, Nominating Committee Chair Paul Moeller, Standards Committee Chair Naomi Young, and College and Research Libraries Interest Group Chair Melissa Behney. In the near term, she will be articulating her vision in terms of the ALCTS strategic plan. One major priority for her term to explore how to make virtual participation more seamless and productive. She noted that good ideas exist, and the section just needs to try different approaches and share best practices.
  • Interest Group Chairs
    • Patrick Carr, College and Research Libraries Interest Group – The ALCTS Continuing Resources Section College & Research Libraries Interest Group met from 8:30 to 10AM on June 24, 2012 at ALA Annual Conference. The meeting consisted of a program of three short presentations addressing the topic of the "The Evolving Challenges of E-Resource Preservation." The first presenter, Ken Difiore (Portico), discussed how Portico can function as a solution enabling libraries to retain ongoing access to subscribed e-resource content. Next, Regina Koury (Idaho State University) gave a presentation discussing how her library used its participation in the LOCKSS Alliance to retain ongoing access to cancelled e-journals; the presentation also discussed her efforts to attempt to convince additional publishers to join LOCKSS. The third presentation, by James Jacobs (Stanford University), took a closer look at how the LOCKSS e-resource preservation model works. Following the presentation there was a good discussion and Q&A period in which the challenges of e-resource preservation were addressed in additional detail. There were approximately 20 attendees at the meeting. The new chair of the Interest Group is Melissa Behney (Wesleyan University) and the new chair-elect is Doralyn Rossmann (Montana State University).
    • Anneliese Taylor, Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group – The Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group sponsored three speakers at the Annual Conference addressing the topic "Opening Access for a New Era of Scholarly Publishing."
  • Committee Chairs
    • Robert Van Rennes, Acquisitions Committee – The members reviewed last minute details regarding the committee’s program, "Ending the Big Deal: Truth and Consequences" that was scheduled for Sunday the 24th. Those members able to make it to the program agreed to help with the presentation by distribuing the evaluations and taking a head count of the audience. The committee then discussed programming ideas for next year’s Annual Conference in Chicago and settled on a theme involving consortia E-Book purchasing in a DDA environment. The proposal was submitted online and a meeting was scheduled with the programming committee on Monday afternoon. It was also decided that two members would conduct an ALCTS E-Forum on a similar topic sometime during the early portion of 2013 to build momentum for the committee’s program at ALA Annual in Chicago. The designated members will contact the E-Forum coordinator to work out the details.
    • Jennifer Young, Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee – The CRCC has been busy planning its popular Update Forum for Annual in Anaheim. In addition to the usual reports, the main speaker was Ed Jones, author of the forthcoming RDA & serials cataloging. The Chair was notified in early May that the committee would be able to livestream the Forum. Coordinating with the ALCTS office the logistics of the broadcast took up much of May & June. At the request of the Policy & Planning Committee, the committee reviewed its charge and submitted an updated version to CRS Exec. The committee also asked for a history and possible reinstatement of the informal liaison relationship between the CRCC & MARBI. The changed charge is on hold awaiting the changes to MARBI and the naming of its successor.
    • Mavis Molto for Kurt Blythe, Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee –The ALCTS CRS Education, Research & Publications Coordinating Committee is presently engaged in the revision of two syllabi, the Syllabus for Serials Cataloging and the Syllabus for Serials Collection Management & Acquisitions. Each of these syllabi is awaiting final approval of recent edits for republication. Our charge is satisfactory to our purposes. Our meeting at Annual, once the charge was approved, revolved around brainstorming program ideas for future action. In addition, we acknowledged the addition of a new (virtual) member, Nanako Kodaira Thomas, and were informed of an empty slot in our roster. Finally, regarding old business, the Guide to Managing Microforms was submitted to the committee and passed on to the ALCTS Publications Committee for parsing into publishable chapters.
    • Heather Staines, Committee on Holdings Information – The committee discussed the logistics of the forum which was held later that afternoon: Quality Standards in Batch Records and Adventures in Cooperative Cataloging: Many Hands Make Light Work, Sat., June 23, 04:00 pm 05:30 pm HYATT-Grand Ballroom. Jon Rothman spoke about HathiTrust records, and Les Hawkins updated attendees on the ongoing creation of records for DOAJ titles. Ted Fons, who was scheduled to attend and speak about OCLC initiatives, was unable to attend due to a work conflict, but he did submit a presentation. About 40 people attended the session, and there were many thoughtful questions. Per Meg Mering’s request, the committee discussed the participation of virtual members. There was a consensus that current technology makes virtual representation a bit hit-or-miss; however, everyone felt that it was important to try to include such members. The committee believes it would be useful to develop guides for Chairs who have virtual committee members, as well as participation guidelines for all members with a section on virtual participation. For Midwinter, the committee spoke to the Cataloguing Committee about joining forces for a forum at Midwinter with a topic about Linked Data. Jointly, the committees are considering one speaker on holdings aspects of the eXtensible Catalog, then two or three practical examples of using linked data (Selina Lin talked about a project at her university). The idea would be that attendees would leave with the practical knowledge of how to make a small but meaningful foray into Linked Data. The committees will share ideas by email later in the summer and hold a call before summer is over.
    • Erin Leach, Policy and Planning Committee – The Policy and Planning Committee worked on charge review for CRS committees. Each committee chair was asked to work with their committee to evaluate the committee charge and report back to the Policy and Planning Committee about any changes that needed to be made. Additionally, the Policy and Planning Committee has been working on reviewing the ALCTS Strategic Plan to brainstorm activities that the CRS could undertake to reach the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan. The Policy and Planning Committee hopes to evaluate ideas and recommend actions to the section chair by ALA's Midwinter meeting.
    • Charlene Chou, Standards Committee – The ALCTS/CRS Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum was held on Sunday, June 24 at 10:30am. The speakers were Regina Romano Reynolds, Director of the US ISSN Center at the Library of Congress speaking on "ISSN, FRBR and RDA: harmonies and dissonances.” Todd Carpenter of NISO reported on ResourceSync and John Hostage from Harvard Law School Library reported on IFLA standards. The Standards Committee was asked by CRS Policy & Planning Committee to review their charge this year. The committee’s concern is that the new ALCTS Standards Task Force’s report could impact on the future of the CRS Standards Committee and recommends waiting until that group reports next year at Annual to review, and possibly recommend changes to, the charge. In assessing the existing charge, the committee found that while it is fulfilling the programming piece, it is not actively providing input on the creation and revision of CRS-related standards, especially in the past five years. The chair indicated that a lot of notices asking for comment come across the ALCTS Leaders list but nothing specifically targeted at CRS. The committee discussed that in future, the chair may want to review those notices coming through and identify the relevant standards. There is no reason the committee couldn’t communicate online and put together a group comment, even if it’s tangential. The committee could routinize the organizing of committee comments to ensure participation in the process. That way, the Standards Committee could begin to achieve recognition as a potential targeted source for both comment and for membership on relevant standard groups. Per Gene’s recommendation, the committee discussed if it may learn from the Cataloging Committee to be streaming their update forum for our future update forums. The committee will need to discuss whether they want to do that and contact ALCTS if there’s interest.
    • Selina Lin, First Step Award Jury – At the ALCTS Awards Ceremony on June 24, the 2012 First Step Award winner, Beth Larkee Kumar of University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, was presented the award certificate by CRS Chair, Meg Mering, and a $1,500 check by Charles Regan from Wiley. Selina Lin, Chair of the First Step Award Jury, read the citation on the Certificate.
    • Christopher Walker, Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award Jury – The Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Jury completed its work for the term at the Anaheim Annual Conference. Members of the Jury attended the reception honoring this year’s winner, Valerie Bross, head of the continuing resources cataloging section at the UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center, Friday evening, and thanked representatives of ProQuest and its Serials Solutions business unit for their continuing sponsorship of the award. Jury Chair Christopher Walker, Section Chair Meg Mering, and Yvette Diven, Senior Product Manager for Serials Solutions presented the award to Valerie at the ALCTS Award ceremony Sunday evening. Members of the current jury were released with thanks for their work and a reminder to shred any documentation identifying unsuccessful candidates, to protect the confidentiality of the process.
  • Representatives
    • Lynda Wright, Membership Committee -- The ALCTS Membership Committee has sponsored an ALCTS 101 recruitment event at annual conference for several years. The committee co-sponsored the event again this year with the ALCTS New Members Interest Group. About 75 people attended the event and learned about the mission, structure, and functioning of ALCTS, as well as about how to become involved with the organization. The ALCTS Headquarters staff provided refreshments and door prizes for the lively 90 minute gathering. The ALCTS Membership Committee met on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at the Anaheim Marriott Suites Hotel in Anaheim, CA. Tim Strawn, the Committee liaison to ALCTS Executive Committee, gave a report from the first ALCTS Executive Council meeting. He noted that while overall ALA membership has decreased in the past year, ALCTS membership is up 2.3% from last year. Membership in the CRS section also increased 2.54%, to 1370 members. The committee reviewed the ALCTS 101 event and made suggestions and plans for next year’s program. The CRS representatives noted that many attendees were confused by the term “continuing resources.” Outreach to library school students has been a focus of the membership committee for several years, and it was noted that about 10% of the attendees were library school students. The Membership Committee Chair is planning to attend the ALA library school/education committee meeting at midwinter 2013. Several years ago the Membership Committee worked hard to create standard messages to be sent from the ALCTS office to ALCTS members when they join, when they renew their membership, and when they fail to renew membership. There is concern that these messages are not being sent. The Committee Chair will investigate the status of the canned messages with the ALCTS office staff. ALCTS President Betsy Simpson and President-Elect Carolynne Myall joined the committee for a few minutes. Simpson reported that ALCTS is creating an Advocacy Taskforce for the division. There will also be a new Standards Taskforce to address issues resulting from the dissolution of MARBI in 2013. Maintaining strong ALCTS publications is also a concern for the division. Lynda is rotating off the committee as of June 30, 2012. Anne Mitchell will be the new CRS representative to the Membership Committee.