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STS Government Information Committee Meeting, Annual Conference, Anaheim 2012. Minutes

STS Government Information Committee


ALA Annual Meeting

June 23, 2012 – Disneyland Hotel, Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 – 10:30am to 12:00pm

Members present:  Tim Byrne (co-chair) ; Patricia Kenly (co-chair) ; Tony Aponte ; Aaron Lercher ; Wayne Strickland ; Andrea Wirth 

Members absent:  Dan Barkley, Jeremy Kenyon; Louise Richards (virtual member)

Old Business:

Approval of Minutes of meeting at ALA Midwinter Conference in Dallas.  Andrea Wirth gave a motion to approve them.

Federal Science Agency Program

Program for Today is ready to go. The DTIC Multisearch speaker could not make it to the conference for the program so we have Gerald Steeman from NASA/NTRS as the main speaker.

Planning for future Federal Science Agency Update sessions

Discussion of having one program at the annual meeting, or programs at both midwinter and annual meetings.  Andrew Wirth wanted more input on who we select as speakers. Tim Byrne understands and apologized for not involving the committee more in selecting speakers. A lot of federal science agency budgets slashed and travel funds have been affected. Tim invited a lot of people in agencies, they asked for permission to travel, and didn’t get an answer which meant they couldn’t do it. Each agency has its own rules on who can travel with agency and/or personal funds, and then represent the agency.

Wayne Strickland - NOAA wanted someone to come speak about deepwater horizon project, but didn’t want to speak about it until the public project web pages were launched. Now, the budget has stalled this project’s promotion efforts.

It is more difficult to get federal government employees to Midwinter because the budget has probably not been set by that time. Midwinter is easier to schedule a program. Government Info committee doesn’t have a reserved program time, has to pick the least conflicting timeslot.

Each year the federal labs choose award winners who collaborate with universities. This may be an opportunity for us to attract a speaker from a lab that wants to promote their work.

The committee might also consider speakers from government contractors like Raytheon.

The committee wants to see how many come to today’s program and compare with the Midwinter attendance (~30 attendees) when making our decision.

Tim and Wayne are on the committee and can make the presentations at meetings. From big agencies we know about, we need sure things for attendance. Do we need to recruit others from the agencies? Can others in STS or the government information committee do a presentation on an agency’s efforts if the rep can’t travel to a meeting? Tim said it would also be good if we wanted to address one thing across all agencies. Librarians could work with agency representatives before to craft a presentation.

Patricia will email on ALA Connect the new roadmap for programs in Chicago. This involves reapplying for programs to the section chair and will include an STS council update about what ALA/ACRL wants. ACRL wants an endowment from a vendor. GODORT has multiple scholarships/awards that came from a part of its budget that was set up by a former member’s will.  ACRL might be seeking something similar to set up scholarships to help defray travel costs or provide research awards. Patricia will send her notes from STS Council.

Mary Linn Bergstrom from Organization and Planning Committee

Mary Linn stopped by to let us know that our report to the Organization and Planning Committee is due July 10 and we can look at past reports for the template.

Review/Assessment of Science and Technology Government Information Sources Wiki

Committee will continue development of wiki with states and subject areas.

Review/Assessment of Facebook Page

We have the Facebook page and the STS listserv for communication government information news relating to science. Tim outlined a Facebook misunderstanding: liking a page doesn’t mean you necessarily see every post. There are options for receiving major highlights or all updates. For the OSTI page, if 10% of likers see a post it is good. The committee discussed using ALA Connect as a third option to share info. Any posts going to the Facebook page could also be shared on Connect.

Other Business

Patricia made certificates of appreciation for the Midwinter and Annual speakers.

Meeting adjourned at noon.