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SAC Committee Annual Workplan 2012-2013

Attached is the Standards and Accreditation Committee year-end report and work plan for 2012-2013.

2012_2013_SAC Work plan-final.doc88.5 KB
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Is there a form letter to contact these chairs? If so, where is? Also, what should I tell them? I should have asked during our last meeting, but did not think of it.


Tony Garrett, Ed. D.

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There is no form letter; that is not a bad idea though.  I generally just make the contact, indicating that I am their SAC liaison (if they don't already know), which standard is due for review, and provide a quote of and link to the chapter 14 guidelines, specifying a 5 year review cycle (see below). 


 14.6 Procedures for Updating Standards and Guidelines

  Each standard and guideline approved by ACRL is reviewed for currency every five years after approval. After review, the standard or guideline may be (1) continued in force without change, (2) revised to address current needs, or (3) rescinded.

 SAC will enlist the advice and assistance of the ACRL committee or section whose primary interests are covered by the standard or guideline. The assigned SAC liaison contacts the chair of the committee or section to remind them of the five year review requirement. If the originating group no longer exists and a suitable replacement cannot be identified, SAC will refer the standard or guidelines to the ACRL Board of Directors.

 Procedures for the five year review of standards and guidelines are essentially the same as for new standards and guidelines as outlined in section 14.5 unless an expedited review is appropriate (see section 14.7).




J B Hill | Director of Public Services
Ottenheimer Library | University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 S University Ave | Little Rock, AR  72204-1099
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The Anthropology group would like to know what the deadline is. I told them I did not know for sure. Does anyone know.


Take care,


Tony Garrett, Ed. D.