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Welcome to a new year! Summary of Activities 2012

Hello RSS Marketing and PR committee!  And welcome to a new year! 

Last Friday, July 20, we had an online meeting and discussed ideas and direction for all RSS committees.  One part of this that I appreciate is how we are collaborating with other committees to bring our combined strengths and specialities to improving initiatives, goals, direction, and discussion programs/workshops. 

I wanted to share with you what I just sent in as our updated Review:

"Our committee sponsored a workshop at ALA Annual ("Let's Work Together: Integrating Social Media, Online Marketing and Outreach" with David Lee Kind, Marshall Breeding and Jennifer Robinson.  Liane Taylor assisted with on-site organizing and reported that the workshop went well. 

As mentioned in our prior update, for ALA Annual 2013 in Chicago, we are pleased to collaborate with two other committee to co-sponsor with the RSS Virtual Reference Committee Chair Don Boozer and MARS co-chair Ellen Filgo on a proposed workshop: " Slam the Boards: A model for marketing through action." This would be presented by Bill Pardue and may include an expansion of the concept of "guerilla marketing techniques for VR" (as Don put so well).  We may shift this workshop to be a webinar prior to June's conference, with a discussion forum at the conference; we'll know soon which way we're taking this (it is dependent upon ALA/RUSA's conference planning and coordination - we're flexible!).

Marketing and PR are essential for the promotion of all library services.  During  our most recent RSS meeting (Friday, July 20), our committee began to look at two elements for our upcoming initiatives to work on with partner committees:

1.  School sustainability  (working with YARS)
2. Marketing in academic libraries (working with Research & Statistics)

We're excited for an active new year!"

I will be posting more information and details as we move forward into planning and action! In the meantime, please feel free to comment or ask questions, and to introduce yourselves to the group through our discussion board here.

Bye for now,


Cathay Crosby, Chair 2012-13