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MARS Professional Development Workgroups

MARS Professional Development Committee Workgroups

Introduction:  MARS PD committee members may be interested in furthering their skills and experience by participating in various workgroups or subcommittees which focus on different activities to carry out the work of the larger committee. 

Webinar Management & Promotion Workgroup

Purpose:  To assist in the evaluation of webinar proposals, scheduling of webinars in coordination with the ALA RUSA office, communicating with webinar speakers, marketing and promoting webinars, and soliciting webinar proposals from MARS membership using the listserv MARS-L and other tools.  

Workgroup member duties:

  • Assist in soliciting and developing webinar proposals
  • Assure that speakers have learning objectives and lesson plans to submit for RUSA approval
  • Assist in scheduling webinars in collaboration with ALA RUSA office staff
  • Assist in the coordination and communication with webinar speakers
  • Assist in coordinating practice sessions using Blackboard Collaborate training session. 
  • Serve as the main contact for webinar presenters and be available to answer any questions about scheduling, etc. 
  • Work with presenters to make sure speaking contracts are signed and payment for services is clearly communicated 
  • Serve as moderators for the webinar presentations, introducing speakers, monitoring chat questions and prompting speakers to respond   


BBC (Blackboard Collaborate) Training Workgroup

Purpose: To be available to train webinar presenters in how to use Blackboard Collaborate (BBC) in addition to training MARS chairs on how to use BBC for online meetings. 

Workgroup member duties:

  • Become fully trained in BBC in order to train others in conducting webinars or virtual online meetings
  • Assist in the development of FAQs, and other text based and audiovisual training materials for RUSA members
  • Assure that all training materials are available to MARS members    
  • Assist in orienting webinar presenters to BBC
  • Serve as moderators for the webinar presentations, introducing speakers, monitoring chat questions and prompting speakers to respond