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LITA Program Planning Committee Annual Meeting

The Program Planning Committee met on Sunday, June 24, 2012 from 8-9 a.m. 

1. Review Annual Programs

LITA PPC coordinated the presentation of 3 preconferences and 36 presentations at the 2012 Annual Conference, which is the largest number presented by LITA to date. Trends focused on Cloud Computing, Data Services, Linked Data, Website Design and Content. 

The PPC collaborated with the Learning Round Table to offer support to presenters preconference.  Two programs worked with a member of the LearnRT to do a trial run of their program and receive feedback.  All of the feedback heard from participants of this was positive, but it was felt that this should be offered in the spring rather than as part of the call for proposals. 

2. Discuss Upcoming Changes for 2013 

With the changes that came out from the ALA Conference Committee, the PPC will be limited to 20 programs for the 2013 Annual Conference in Chicago. There was a discussion of what kind of changes this will mean, how programs will be evaluated, and what questions and information might be needed by committees, IGs, and individuals who are submitting proposals.  

3. Timeline for 2013 

Timeline was reviewed during the session, with some potential changes due to the changes listed in Item 2.