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Melissa Gold's picture

2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

ACRL Instruction Section
Management and Leadership Committee
June 23, 2012 1:30pm-3:30pm
Disneyland Hotel, Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2

Minutes taken by Sarah Naumann


Margaret Grotti, ch
Mark Szarko, liaison
Sara Harrington
Melissa Gold
Sarah Naumann

Bonnie Fong

Annette Marines

The meeting minutes from Midwinter virtual meeting were not read.

Welcome and IS updates

Members were welcomed and thanked for the work that was done throughout the year.

Sarah reported on issues brought up at the Advisory meeting: Specifically the discussion about
moving more of ACRL IS meetings at Annual to virtual meetings.

Review data gathered via Standards surveys, discuss plans for future promotion of the

-A question came up about the iSchool deans and their role within their organization: Is the
dean the appropriate person to contact regarding the Standards? Future committees may find it
more appropriate to contact individual faculty members within iSchools.

Questions to ask on subsequent surveys:

1. Do you know how the standards are used?
2. How do you expect to use them in your courses?

-The group decided to contact the librarians from ili-l survey who gave us their contact

-Initial proposal for poster session at ALA Annual 2012 was rejected. The group discussed next
steps and which conferences we want to focus on for our next proposals:

1. Library 2.012 (virtual conference)
2. LOEX 2013 (possible, but might need more substantial presentation)

3. ACRL 2013

Review of communication plans and timelines for future goal setting

-The group reviewed the Standards for Proficiencies and the Workbook timelines

Review proposal for future Workbook conference program and ideas for future
promotion of the Workbook

-Publicizing the Workbook is a definite goal
-Review ili-l post that recommends using the Workbook in an Environmental Scan. *see bottom
of page for email string from ili-l post. Consider contacting folks from that discussion for
participation in future programming to further publicize the workbook.

Review the blurb generated for promotion of the Workbook, determine deadlines and
target venues for the blurb

-Blurb is ready and accepted by Exec.
-It is important to push the blurb out now to promote the Workbook; since the Workbook has
been revised, it should be promoted

Ili-l listserv
IS Newsletter (October/November)
ACRL Facebook page

-Committee needs to decide about promoting Workbook via Poster session.
• What angle of Workbook do we want to present/focus on?
• Does the group feel that it is necessary to do a survey to get more information for our
• Depending on who we contact of those who recently posted on the ili-l list will determine
how we will present: For example if only one person responds to our inquiries and
agrees to help with a presentation, a poster session may be the best way forward. If
multiple people are interested in talking about how they have used the workbook, it
might be possible to pull together a more robust presentation.

Immersion program letter-review draft

-Group reviewed letter. All agreed it looks good

-Mark is chair of immersion program committee

-Email will be sent to immersion faculty who are new or did not receive this letter last year.

Other new business




Re: The “Standards for Proficiencies…”

1. We will send an email to instruction librarians who identified themselves within the ILI-L
survey in order to gather information on what they are doing. This will help us to design
further programming to publicize the Standards.
2. Get ideas for case studies as a focus for a presentation

Re: The Workbook

1. Push out Blurb to IS newsletter and ILI-L right away.
2. Email those who posted on ILI-L (*”Environmental Scans!” posts) to learn how the
workbook has been used and to generate ideas for future programming.
3. Get presentation together

Action Items:

With Melissa Gold as the incoming Chair:

1. Continue on with Timeline for “Standards for Proficiencies…”

2. Construct a mailing list of librarians (gathered from ili-l listserv and via survey

3. Gather ideas for a proposal: Talk with other librarians and our committee

4. Stick with plan to send blurb to Facebook and other venues.

5. ACRL News: Is this a venue we can use? ---Mark will look into this.

6. Send prepared email to the Immersion faculty who did not receive it last year.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm

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