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DWCG Library Education group creates Tip Sheets

The Digital Content and Libraries Working Group (DCWG) of the American Library Association (ALA) is developing a series of informational Tip Sheets for the library community.  We are pleased to share with you Tip Sheet #1 on digital rights management. 

DCWG Tip Sheets will provide librarians with clear definitions; examples of how digital content and digital formats impact library services; and resources for further information on the numerous and often complicated issues in providing digital resources to their patrons and students.  Please share the Tip Sheets widely with colleagues and through your professional networks.  Ataached is a cover letter you may use to accompany the Tip Sheet if you do share it with colleagues.

Because the DCWG is concerned with covering issues that are important to librarians who provide direct services, meet with Friends of the Library groups, report to library Boards or school Boards, or field questions from state or local press, the Library Education subgroup is actively seeking input and feedback from the library community.  What issues are important to you and what information do you need to help you answer tough questions?  We invite you to engage with the DCWG via ALA’s American Libraries’ E-content blog, ALA’s Facebook page, and using the #dcwgtips Twitter hash tag.  We want our Tip Sheets to support the work you do and provide you with some of the resources you need.

Thank you,

Christopher Harris

Chair, Library Education Subgroup,

ALA’s Digital Content and Libraries Working Group