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Christian Larew Memorial Scholarship Committee - Final Report

Timeline 2012

  • January 27: Test email sent to lita-larew@ala.org.
  • February 16: Updated the group on when we would receive access to the application database.
  • February 20: Sent group a link to information about the Christian Larew Memorial Scholarship.
  • April 16: Received from Valerie Edmonds the list of applicants for the scholarship.
  • April 16: Received information from Valerie Edmonds our deadline for selecting the scholarship winner was pushed back to May 18th.
  • April 16-23: Worked with Valerie Edmonds on clarification of scholarship applicants.
  • April 23: Scholarship and applications link sent to group.  Asked group to try logging into the database and let me know if they were successful.  Also notified group about our May 18th deadline.
  • April 25: Resolved Kelly Sattler’s database log in problem.
  • April 25: Verified that all members had access to the scholarship database.
  • April 25: Sent group an outline of the process we will be using to select the scholarship winner.
  • April 25: Sent group 2 EXCEL spreadsheets.  One sheet contained the list of applicants assigned to each committee member.  The other sheet was to be used as an aid in ranking each applicant.  Also gave a more detailed outline of our ranking process along with our first deadline of May 9th.  This first deadline was used to have each member determine their top 4-5 applicants.
  • May 7: Sent group a reminder of the May 9th deadline.
  • May 10: Received top 4-5 applicants’ lists from all members.
  • May 11: Sent EXCEL spreadsheet to group containing applicant finalists.  Reiterated purpose of the scholarship and gave the group a May 16th deadline to submit their final rankings.
  • May 17: The unanimous choice for this award was William Edward Jones III.  Notified group of our selection and also asked them to delete any applications and transcripts that they may have.
  • May 17: Contacted Valerie Edmonds for clarification on how to contact the scholarship winner and alternates.
  • May 24: Notified William Edward Jones III of the scholarship award.
  • May 24: Emailed School of Library and Information Science at University at Buffalo for verification of Mr. Jones’ enrolment.
  • May 24: Received email confirmation from Mr. Jones that he has accepted the award.  Forwarded copy to Valerie Edmonds.
  • May 24: Received email confirmation of Mr. Jones’ enrolment from University at Buffalo.   Forwarded copy to Valerie Edmonds.