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Board Volunteers to Liaison with Round Table Committees

Here's the list of round table committees and liaison we have so far.  Volunteer for committees in this discussion or email me and I'll add your name here.  We will figure out a place to officially list these.

  • External Relations Committee (H. Frank Cervone)
  • Fundraising Committee  (Larry Romans)
  • Membership Promotion Committee  (Larry Romans)
  • Newsletter Committee (Lewis Day)
  • Over the Rainbow Book List Committee (Joel Nichols)
  • Program Planning Committee  (Shawn P. Vaillancourt, also chair of the Program Planning Committee)
  • Rainbow Book List Committee (GLBTRT/SRRT) 
  • Stonewall Book Awards Committee (Lewis Day, past-chair of committee)
  • Web Committee 

General guidelines for this work are noted in the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities document.  I've added it below for your convenience.  Over time, this langauge may change and will only be updated on the above linked document.
---- Snip from the GLBTRT Responsibilities document----


Directors-at-large serve on the round table executive board.

Inaugural Year of Board

For the inaugural year of the board, all five seats are on the 2012 ballot (bylaws implementation plan; bylaws).  The three candidates winning the highest number of votes will serve two-year terms.  Those candidates getting fewer votes will serve one-year terms.  The result will be staggered terms for directors-at-large in the future.  Beginning in the 2013 election, all directors-at-large will serve two-year terms. 
The Directors-at-large will:

  • support the duties of the executive board as listed in the “Executive Board” Section of this document;
  • attend all executive board and membership meetings; and
  • serve as ex officio member of two round table committees on behalf of the board.  In that capacity, board liaisons will:
    • attend committee meetings when possible;
    • exchange information with chairs and members when attendance is not possible;
    • exchange information with the committee chair and members throughout the year;
    • inform the executive board of committee plans, needs, activities, and issues between Annual Conferences and Midwinter Meetings;
    • report activities to the committee’s executive board liaison;
    • participate in committee deliberations via email and other channels;
    • relay information between the board and assigned committees; and
    • provide advice or assistance as needed.