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EBSS Membership & Orientation 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

EBSS Membership and Orientation 2012 Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 23, 2012, 9:30-11:00 a.m., Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA

Present: Ann Brownson, Scott Collard (Chair), Kirsten M. Kinsley, Nancy P. O’Brien, Dorothy M. Persson, Ericka Raber (Incoming Chair), and Deborah L. Schaeffer.  Absent: Hazel Walker.  Guest: John Hernandez, Sara Memmott.

I. Welcome and Introductions

S. Collard called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. after introductions.
D. Schaeffer volunteered to take the minutes

II. Updates and Housekeeping

The Social is scheduled for the Anaheim Marriott at 5:30 p.m.  S. Collard asked for volunteers to arrive by 5:00 in order to save a place for the group.  D. Schaeffer and N. O’Brien volunteered.

Brochure has been finished and is going to press. ACRL will be printing 1,000 copies.

III. Membership Update

May 2012 is the latest update.  EBSS has 777 personal members at present. Membership is slowly dropping.  The committee brainstormed on how we could help grow the membership.

More emphasis on website for subject specialties.  Also focus on networking and finding expertise.  28 of 33 respondents from new members surveyed say this is why they joined EBSS

Perhaps insert a link in the survey to the Volunteer page

Perhaps insert a link in the survey to the listserv

IV. Outreach Updates and Discussion

D. Persson reported on NMRT 101: jobs opening up; not only young people attend NMRT 101.  She suggested having the ice breaker activities with other groups at the beginning of the session rather than at the end.

A. Brownson and N. O’Brien attended ACRL 101.  They suggested (and will email Mary Jane at ACRL) that the session needs to be more engaging.  The focus should be more on the value of membership and networking rather than on ACRL structure.

V. Membership Area on Website

Sara Memmott,  EBSS Web Director, attended for this portion of our meeting

Major points

Recruitment on web needs to be welcoming, exciting AND informative

More dynamic content on membership

Recruitment Page on web suggestions


List advantages of being EBSS member

Professional development (tenure and promotion)

Publication and collaboration opportunities

More references to subject content


Short videos a possibility

Need to know what we can and cannot do

Open access links to EBSS publications would be useful

Motto:  EBSS is a friendly and engaged section

ACRL page with EBSS content cannot be changed

EBSS own section on the site means more possibilities and easier to make changes

No issues with server

Doesn’t cost to have content

VI. Other Business

Colleague to Colleague  - No new takers


  • Sara M. will clarify with ACRL our ability to post multimedia items on our website
  • EBSS M+O will continue to work with Web editors to enhance recruitment-focused language on website, including dedicated membership area