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LITA Web Coordinating Committee Report - 2012 Annual

2012 ALA Annual Conference


The web committee has been somewhat dormant since Midwinter Meeting.  The following is an update on issues that have come up since Midwinter.

LITA Blog Spam Links – ongoing

In January, we were informed that the LITA blog has three spam links in the code of each page.  The blog appears to have been hacked in some way.  Vess is working on this beginning with creating and saving a complete backup of the blog (site files and database) off line.  This issue will be addressed in July.

Journal of Library Automation (JOLA) Broken Links – resolved

In the second week of January a LITA member reported all links to journal content were broken on Journal of Library Automation (JOLA).  It appears that the JOLA directory did not migrate into the Drupal system.  ITTS staff re-migrated the content.  It was completed on 15 March.

LITA Membership Directory Email address problem – resolved

On 9 January, a LITA member reported to Vess that all email addresses in the LITA Membership Directory are shuffled.  No one’s email address is with their profile.  ALA ITTS fixed the issue the first week of June.

LITA Email List Directory – ongoing

Since Midwinter Vess has been working on a public list of all non-committee email discussion lists for the LITA website.   This small project maps to the LITA Strategic Plan Project 1 for WCC:  “Add a description, purpose, and intended audience of each LITA listserv to ALA connect.  This can be accomplished by asking listerv owners to add an entry.”

This google doc tracks progress.

Since Midwinter Vess has:

  • worked on accessing all the LITA email lists (deciding which are appropriate to promote on our site);
  • requesting updated language from each group describing their email list (direct email contact with all interest group leaders); and
  • added links to all email lists on the interest group pages.

After Annual Vess will:

  • add updated descriptions to all email list Sympa pages;
  • place list of email lists in the Get Involved / Email Lists section of LITA site; and
  • modify language on the LITA Email Lists page to apply to all email lists.  (verified with LITA staff, this does apply to all email lists).

LITA Manual sub-menu – complete

Since Midwinter Vess made the LITA Manual fit more smoothly into the content management system by give each section a sub-item in the navigation bar.  http://www.ala.org/lita/about/manual

LITA Web Forms – complete

Since Midwinter, ITTS staff converted the two LITA web forms (Publication and Learning) forms to the form template in the new content management system.  Vess was only given permissions to edit forms a few weeks ago and discovered that none of the forms had submission emails entered when they were migrated.  Forms go to LITA office and other volunteers.  In the months ahead, WCC will work with LITA staff to access all LITA forms and decide if others can be made into webforms.

Strategic Plan Projects Lists – ongoing

The WCC will use this list to begin delegating responsibilities to five remaining strategic plan projects issued by the board in 2010.  To date only Project 3,

  • Holly Nguyen has volunteered to lead the LITABlog Renewal project

LITA Website Migration Project Completed November 2011

David Vess, Holly Nguyen, and Patrick Confer worked with LITA and ALA ITTS Staff since August 2011 on a large-scale LITA website project.  The project involved:

  • repairing / cleaning up code of pages or removal of pages (hundreds);
  • repairing, or removal of thousands of broken links (thousands) (removing whole pages helped whittle this number down);
  • restructuring the entire site into the ALA information architecture;
  • creating committee landing pages for all LITA committees which features automated posting of public committee documents and posts in their ALA Connect space, and dynamically generated committee rosters from the ALA iMIS database;
  • gathering and naming consistently, all committee and interest group documents – then migrating those documents into their connect spaces;
  • The result was a smooth site migration into the new content management system as of 23 November, 2011.  It came in that night with no broken links reported.

David S. Vess, WCC Chair