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FAQs per new ALA Programming

This is a space for FAQs that come up from committee and IG chairs during the course of the program proposal period.  I'll be monitoring this and answering questions as they arise. 

Here is the link to the Annual Conference Roadmap of Changes: http://connect.ala.org/node/178761 

Question: What if we need expect more than 50 people at a Managed Discussion?

Answer: I believe IGs will be able to request a larger space. This is coordinated when requesting meeting space or closer to the conference. PPC does not manage this. 

Question: Will LITA Groups get preference? 

Answer: The committee will give preference to LITA Groups/Members where two equally well written program proposals are received. In the interest of offering the broadest selection, duplicate proposals may be asked to combine presentations.  An IG/Committee may be asked to adopt an individual's program; we did this successfully in 2012.  The committee will be working to curate the best selection of programs overall.

Question: If a proposal for a program is put forward and is rejected, can the IG adjust the proposal into a managed discussion and still request space?

Answer: Yes, as long as it makes that transition. ALA is trying to avoid proposed discussions that turn into traditional programs. Question: What criteria will the PPC use to evaluate proposals? Answer: Is the topic clearly defined in the proposal? Will the topic be current/relevant (as possible) next June?Will it scale to multiple libraries/kinds of libraries? Is there audience appeal? For panels, is anyone identified already? Is this a LITA or Joint Group Proposal? What are each committee member's top 5 programs?Question: Are managed discussions also required to be 90 minutes?Answer: As far as I know, yes.   

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So I cochair a LITA/ALCTS joint IG.  How do jointly sponsored groups interact with caps on the total # of programs?

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

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I'm not sure I quite understand your question, but let me try to answer and then you can tell me if I'm missing something. 

If your IG submits a program to the LITA PPC and it is accepted, it will count as one of the LITA programs. The secondary sponsor (in this case ALCTS) doesn't have to count it among their programs, though they receive joint sponsorship listing.  

If you already have a program with ALCTS set up and do not submit a proposal to LITA PPC, then LITA will be listed as a joint sponsor but it won't count as one of our 18.  

Joint sponsorship (with the potential larger appeal, audience, marketing, etc) combined with an excellent program description would be looked upon favorably. 

If you go with a managed discussion, LITA PPC is not involved at all.  

Does that help?