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Goals 2012-2013

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  • Finish updating content for 4 modules and add them to Drupal by the end of 2012 (Planning-completed; Training/Interview Skills/Core Competencies-in progress and merging into one module)
  • Finish updating content for remaining modules and add to Drupal by ALA Annual 2013 (revised goal is to have 5 modules complete by Annual 2013 and to have the entire resource completed by Annual 2014)
  • Create a survey for collecting quotes from practitioners in the field to use on the site
  • Perform user testing on modules with the ALA VR community
  • Meet monthly to discuss module revisions and results
  • Share progress updates on a timely basis


UPDATE (October 2012): The committee has been meeting regularly and continues to work on the modules. We are making progress and are nearing the end of work on our first two modules.

UPDATE (April 3, 2013): The committee continues to meet regularly and is working on modules in subgroups.  The 4 previously-mentioned modules are almost done (3 of them are being merged into one Skills module) and we are currently working on the Technologies module.  5 more modules to go plus the welcome page.