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ALA Annual 2012 ULS Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

Saturday 23 June 2012

10:30am - 12:00pm

Membership Committee (ACRL ULS)

Disneyland Hotel Nile


Present: Michelle Dunaway, Jason Martin (Chair, Minute Taker), Drew Smith, and Elaine Watson


Social today from 5:30-7:00 at the Tangerine Grill and Patio in the Anabella Hotel. Elaine Watson will write a short piece about the social for the blog. Elaine and Drew Smith will take pictures.


At our Midwinter meeting we discussed several ways to perform outreach to our ULS members including newsletters, a more active blog, and mini-publications. (See the attached minutes from Midwinter.) We discussed this at the ULS Executive Committee meeting at Midwinter and all agreed it was a good idea. But then it all just stalled. After discussion with the incoming ULS Section Chair, we decided it would be best if the Membership Committee, with help from others, worked on one part of this plan to get it going after Annual. I think soliciting contributions from our members for blog posts would be a great place to start. This combines several of our ideas and should not be too hard to manage. The focus of our meeting at Annual will be to discuss parameters and specifications for blog posts.


1.) What kinds of topics do we want to cover? (I know we might want to say “anything” for this one, but let’s see if we can’t develop some broad topics and work from there.)

  • Ask Stephanie Atkins incoming ULS Chair to write a welcome message and ideas/plans/purpose for the upcoming year.
  • Various committees write a blog post about emerging ideas and trends in their areas. Potential posters can play off of these ideas. Also free to develop ideas of own which pertain to university libraries.
  • Ask folks from ULS Executive and members of committees to contribute until a steady stream of posters develops.


2.) How long should the posts be? What style to use?

  • 250-500 words, but longer posts are acceptable.


3.) How/who will edit and review the posts?

  • Two editors from the Membership Committee. Could also include people from Communications Committee.
  • Either two rotating editors. Or one permanent editor with a rotating co-editor.


4.) How often should they be posted?

  • Every two weeks at least. More often if possible.


5.) How scholarly or non-scholarly do we want them?

  • Professional quality, but not academic formal.


6.) Copyright/Creative Commons/Legalese etc.

  • Check to see if ALA or ACRL has  a policy on this. Preference is for open use.


7.) Anything else which you think is important.

  • Assessment of usage on next member survey (e.g. How often do you read the blog?)
  • Reason for and purpose of the blog
  • Recruit special guest bloggers
  • Ask Communications Committee about creating a ULS Twitter feed.