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Meeting at Annual: resources

During the discussion people mentioned a lot of good resources that y'all might be interested in -- I don't have those all offhand but I'm going to post a list here in hopes that the people who DO have them will chime in:


  • answer key for Code Year lessons
  • the MARC viewer project (Codecademy offers a whole platform for making your own learn-to-code lessons, and this is a user-contributed one!)
  • catcode wiki, including a page of support groups for your area
  • local meetups for Ruby and Python (two beginner-friendly programming language communities)
  • Shana's post about real-life ways to apply code in your job & justify the time you're spending on it
  • github
  • catcode list of helpful resources
  • Carli's list of helpful resources
  • Eric's link to his space invaders bookmarklet, plus a folder of other cool stuff like that
  • Eric's articles about bookmarklets
  • Dave's Mashed Library links
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Here is a link to my list of resources for learning various programming languages online: http://www.pearltrees.com/carlispina/computer-programming-resources/id3946617

Let me know if you have suggestions for additions!

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For those interested in learning more about Git, I just added two tutorials to the pearltree: http://pear.ly/lTdQi & http://pear.ly/lTdP0