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Andromeda Yelton's picture

Meeting at Annual: what we're doing next

Here are the things we'll be doing next, plus the people taking responsibility.  This doesn't mean they're the only people involved -- actually they'll all need lots of help -- so please get involved in anything that interests you!  There are things here for people at all levels of coding skill, and they'll need lots of non-code skills as well, so no matter your skillset there are places you can be helpful and learn more.


Python preconference (to be run at a conference next year, based on the Boston Python Users Group's highly successful Python workshop for beginners) -- Shana, Margaret

A code project using OCLC's APIs -- Nick, Jason, Violeta

Pull together training & resources for people wanting to conduct a hackathon -- Jen, Margaret

Github how-to -- Andromeda, Eric

IRC how-to -- Jen


We also wanted to make a list of people's areas of expertise so we know whom to go to for help, like the code4lib office hours, but we didn't have anyone to take point on this -- maybe you?


Please comment with any way you'd like to get involved!  If the people taking point on these projects could also comment so that people can find each other, that'd be great too.


Bohyun Kim's picture

I volunteer for OCLC API project. And I can help with IRC how-to if needed. :)

Andromeda Yelton's picture

Thanks, Bohyun!

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

Margaret Heller's picture

I am starting to work on the hackathon part of this. Asked for tips on Twitter and Devchix, then will dig into the literature/blogosphere.

Alice Sneary-NH's picture

Hi Margaret. I didn't get to officially meet you at LITA Forum, but I followed a lot of your tweets. I do have some documents (attached) that are random but could be helpful in planning a hackathon. Let me know if something doesn't make sense, etc.

I have a much more detailed plan for each event, but these are the basics.

Also attached is a sample message to attendees, to set their expectations of what to bring, etc.

Kathryn Harnish (non-member)'s picture

Hey, everyone...


Very sorry that I wasn't able to join y'all in Anaheim, especially since it sounds like a really productive meeting!


As the product manager responsible for OCLC's Developer Network and new WorldShare Platform, I was really excited that this group came together and, further, to see some of the topics for discussion and action.  I would love to lend support and resources to Interest Group members as the work of the group takes off.  In particular, I'd be happy to connect you with my colleagues who manage and support the OCLC APIs, as well as the team that organizes mashathons.


I'll plan to participate in the discussion here and to come to the next meeting at ALA Midwinter.  In the meantime, if there's anything that I can do to help move some of your work forward, please don't hesitate to contact me.




Kathryn Harnish

Senior Product Manager, WorldShare Platform & Analytics



Andromeda Yelton's picture

Kathryn, thanks for stopping by!  I've been following WorldShare and the Developer Network (and Karen's work) for a while and it would be great if we could work together.  I'm sure the group that's doing an APIs project will be glad of your support.

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

Bohyun Kim's picture


I am in that project with Nick and others. We will follow up with you. =) Thanks!

Alice Sneary-NH's picture

Hi everyone. I wondered if this group planned to get together in Seattle at ALA MW 2013? I won't be there, unfortunately...but I wanted to follow the discussions if you were.

Here's why--besides just the fact that this topic is near and dear to my heart--OCLC is piloting a new educational/training opportunity for people who are interested in taking the first steps of learning to code/develop, called Platform University. Of course I immediately thought of this group and wanted to see if anyone had an interest in providing feedback on the content of the course, wanted to hear more about it at ALA MW, basically wanted to connect up about it and chat in person or online.

As a side note, I do have some notes and best practices about conducting a hackathon, if anyone is interested. And Karen Coombs always hosts Office Hours for the OCLC Developer Network, and she's knowledgable about a lot more than just OCLC's APIs, of course!!

Andromeda Yelton's picture

Thanks for asking!

Not all of us can come to MW, but some can, and we've begun the planning process for that, and we'll make sure to keep you on the loop.  Also, of course, you (and Karen and Kathryn, etc.) are more than welcome to attend whatever we come up with!

I personally am very interested in Platform University; shoot me an email?  And I'll make sure we think about whether that should be part of our MW plans.

Hackathon stuff -- Margaret Heller was collecting those, so I'm sure she'd appreciate your resources on that.

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018