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Amanda Izenstark's picture

Classroom Control Systems Wiki 2012-2013 - Update Areas

Please add your name to the section(s) you plan to update. Please return and put the date you updated the item when you're done. Example: 3.0 ClassLock - Jane Doe - updated 1 April 2010

Also, please check to make sure your citations are in a consistent format - ACRL IS requires Chicago Author-Date for most of its publications.



Melissa Green's picture

My institution uses Faronics Insight. Is there any interest in adding this to the wiki? If so, I'm happy to add/update this section.

Amanda Izenstark's picture

Hi Melissa,

Sure! If anyone knows of any others, as well, please do add them.


Brad Sietz's picture

I don't think this still should be on the list.

It appears the product website has not been updated since 2004. There is no way to tell if the product itself has been updated (e.g., version number); in fact there is no real way to see what the product does (e.g., YouTube videos, pdfs) beyond the text description. Additionally, when you try to look at the "Higher Education" or "Libraries" pages for Customers, they don't work (others like Corporate do, but they appear to be virtually decade-old engagements). Also, when you search for it (Google, Bing) I couldn't find one example of people talking about.

I don't think anyone would miss this if it were gone - no one is going to buy this and the installed base has to be miniscule.