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CaMMS Forum Powerpoints, 2012 Annual, Anaheim, CA

"Reimagining the library catalog: changing user needs, changing functionality"

Do we need to change our perspective on what the catalog should be doing based on changes in the education and economic environment? What is needed, what could be changed, and what would be worth retaining, taking economic realities and educational goals into consideration? It has been argued that catalogs are not giving users what they need nor taking into account how they search. There is an objection to cataloging favoring the 1% using the library for research at the expense of the 99%. If cataloging practice is biased toward scholarly research, and we are able to change the bias, will this change the overall quality of education? If the bias is changed in favor of non-scholarly uses, how does the Library of Congress respond? What are the identifiable changes in scholarly discovery in the web environment that could change our perspectives on cataloging support of research?


  • James Weinheimer, Information Consultant, Rome, Italy
  • Kevin Ford, Digital Project Coordinator,¬†Network Development and MARC Standards Office,¬†Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
  • John Myers, Catalog Librarian, Schaffer Library,